Savage Ant Rider

Hi guys and gals. I am new to this forum and wanted to contribute. Here is my W.I.P of my 3d character that i am creating for my demo reel. I have just graduated from Monash University and currently job seeking.

I am using Zbrush for the whole process for this character because i am more inclined to traditional art processes.

Image 1:
The first image is a zsphere construction of the ant. At this stage I'm only thinking about the silhouette and the flow of the topology.

Image 2:
I then sculpted the major forms and not getting stuck into the details which can happen when you in the zone. Then I had to retopologise to improve the flow of the topology.

Image 3: this is the final sculpt with all the details and accessories added.

Image 4:
I started on the rider following the same process from zsphere's to final. Once you get the concept of zsphere's it's very quick to get a base mesh to sculpt with.

Image 5:
Sculpted the major forms of the human body. I didn't want to go with a very muscly man because i wanted him to appear agile and acrobatic.

Image 6 & 7:
I started to create accessories and define the style of the character.

Next step is to retopologise for High poly and Low poly, add details using alphas, texturing using projection master and poly painting, and finally pose with transpose master.


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Mighty fine work there, mate!

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Thanks for your reply mate. Any feedback is great to have.