Original Aircraft Design

An aircraft I designed and created after working on a flight game and getting inspired to create my own original fighter.


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very nice modeling mate, looks very impressive.

From a design and aerodynamics standpoint though, I'd just suggest that that the wings and vertical tail surfaces look a bit small compared to the size of the aircraft. You could probably remove the elevators (horizontal fins behind the wing), seeing as you have the canard surfaces just behind the cockpit.

Also, it looks rather nose-heavy. If you bring the leading edge of the wings forward and make them a bit bigger, that will help, but maybe just thicken up the aft fuselage. In the underside view it looks dramatically smaller than the rest of the fuselage.

*takes off his aerospace hat* :-)

Aside from those suggestions, and depending on how realistic you want the design to be (realistic doesn't always make it look awesome), the modeling looks really good, well done.


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Great to see it completed Tim, looks fantastic.

All the best,

- Tom

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Haha. Thx guys.

Yea all those points about the realism and aerodynamics of it did occur to me as I was making it, but like you said I was going for more something that looks cool, rather than an actual functioning real-world aircraft.
The design is essentially an F22 wing span, with F23 engines, canards (just cause canards look sweet) with an overall bird like (that is to say, more organic) form. Those were the main things I was going for when I was deigning it anyway.

Glad you liked it. :)