DonNatale - Journal Entry 1

Hey all,

Recently made a digital sketchbook in the Polycount forums and I've decided I'll post some of the stuff I make here every now and then as well just in case there's a chance I can expand my networking here.

I'm currently studying the Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment (major - animation) in Qantm Melbourne. I know there have been many arguments over whether the course is worth the time and money, but so far I'm quite happy with the course, teachers and students.

I aim to become a 3D artist in the games industry and I'm passionate about game development as a whole. Don't get me wrong, 2D games are still awesome (and I enjoy many of them), but I enjoy the process of creating 3D art more than 2D. I do greatly respect illustrators, concept artists and such though.

Film (both animation and vfx) also interest me but I'm more so passionate about games.

The first image is a sculpt I made recently for my Advance 3D animation subject. We had to pick a toy and make a model out of it so I decided to buy a Thane toy (from Mass Effect) :0
Still texturing and rigging the low poly version at this moment.

The second image is something I sculpted awhile back. I wanted to create Studio Ghibli's "Howl's Moving Castle" but I couldn't find a definite look to it when I was researching the castle, so I decided to create my own version. Of course this is a high poly sculpt as well. I tried to go for a cartoon-ish stylized look. Low poly game-wise, I'd imagine this to be more of an RTS asset in a stylized game.

I hope to upload more stuff later. Any critique or feedback would be appreciated :)