My Showreel

My 1st try to create a compositing showreel.

Comments are welcome. Thanks.


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I'm uncertain whether large portions of that video adequately demonstrate your ability. Are you attempting to market yourself as a 3D artist or a video compositor? If both, I would recommend you do so in separate showreels do demonstrate only the appropriate abilities for any job for which you apply.

That said, I'm not an artist and nor do I work in HR, this is just my quasi-professional opinion.

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Its an alright start, i might suggest though that you should never render backgrounds in black, your house is too hard to see anything other then black and a light source. If you want a dark background then have a small amount of self illumination on the model. Nothing in games or film has a jet black shadow that blocks everything unless its intentionally for artistic purposes. It never hurts to display some stats for your work, as in time spent, texture size, tri count. With your dragon rotation its way to jerky, i would recommend a smooth 360 rotation, if you want to show close ups have some nice still renders. It also never hurts to have your email always showing throughout the reel in a bottom corner.
Keep at it, a great demo reel is all about polish.

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Please understand, people show no mercy when it comes to art. Everything you see around you is commercialized to the point that it's flawless. People will compare you to those flawless works of art, no matter how much you ask them to give you some slack because your just starting out. Ask yourself this, if you were to see a movie in the cinemas, would you watch it if it looked like your reel?

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shows that you are starting to understand some great principals behind compositing, and 3d to that matter.
keep up the good work. the last comment is very true in the industry.. set your goals high and keep up with the journey.