Bedroom for a job in china...Please Comment...


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Good work Ahmed

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Whats with the Teddy??? lol

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but its a boring shot. Nothing to look at.

If the job is in China, model a unique looking sci-fi cityscape outside the window of a chinese city. Make it a focal point of the shot. ie turn your camera a bit, and show off your creativity.

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I really like the lighting, especially against the back wall with the posters.
Quite well done.

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This is what da guy in china wanted i couldnt choose..his paying so he gets to decide...once again thank u for the feedback

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I misunderstood. I thought it was for a 'job application' and therefore you were trying to wow them. I didn't realise there was a strict stipulation about what the art needed to have.

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I love how it looks lived in and not too clinical and straight lined "perfect"

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What did they use it for? Anything we can see?

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i made it sent it off to china and i was supposed to go to china and work on good money but i turned them down because of family reasons but that was my chance to break into the industry and i didnt take it if only one of these mother fukin melbourne studios would stop been so tight and give me a chance i wouldnt have to travel to da otherside of the world for work