Old House

My latest work, please give me feedback


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Hey Ahmed looking good man, I'm Rubes went to AIE with you. Looks rad man whats the triangle count if you dont mind my asking?

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I just updated the render, I'm going crazy it's the 13th version of this image, don't know which one I'm happy with lol, The poly count ain't that much its planes, and texture work but thanks for the comment :)

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Hey Ahmed its benny from AIE, it looks awesome! What res are the textures? Are the broken windows textures or opacities? How did u approach the grass technique?

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long time man, did you find work yet? .... to answer your questions, the textures are high res, 1024 x 1024, there all different, the windows are opacity maps and the grass is also opacity but I played in photoshop to blend the ground and grass colours together so it seems like they grew out of the ground :)

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I actually really liked the desaturated version you had up earlier. It really suited the theme of the picture really well. That's not to say that I don't like this one either, both are great :)

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Yeh i had to play around wif the final, 13 of them to be exact lol i liked da desaturated one aswell but my folio all consist of desaturated renders needed to break it up a bit but thanks 4 ur thoughts always appreciated :))

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Great textures, this place looks like it would feel right at home in any 'Stalker' game *grin*

Lets take things further?

Rip off some of the horizontal wood structure, and place the removed pieces lying around nearby, or up against the house itself as though someone has tried to repair it but given up.

Hastily boarded up windows. Graffiti. Beat those barrels up some, twist them or riddle them with bullet holes. Smash open that roof so we can see some nice structural beams.

Just ideas, good stuff :)


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Your ideas are awsome, but the problem is i had no time, personal reasons, but I can just imagine it :))