good book recomendation, now i have to move

A while ago, i asked for book recomendations to get a little further ahead with my programming. Thankyou everyone for the sugestions, and while i have only read 'code complete' so far, i now have a new job in melborne, as a programmer (in a games company)

incase anyone is interested is seeing what got me the job, i have writen a small directX fighting game, own animation and physics system, which can be downloaded or just look at the movies, here

was also trying to get 'burnout' finished before showing off this site, it is a 'scorched earth' 3d implementation, but will take a week or so to finished it (it is a small project i am doing as a break from 3 months working on the fighting game. Implemented a 'marching cubes' style game world (polygons placed on the boundary between solid terain and air~ so it allow much more damage to be done to the terain, think swiss cheese)

thanks for your time,


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Congrats on the job :)

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Hey that's great news, nice one David! I'm downloading the game now.

Your skills set is nuts [:)]

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Congrats, thats excellent news David.

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Good stuff, David. Any chance of letting us know who you're going to work for? [;)]

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thanks for the kind comments. Don't think that it is a secret, just bullant (which reminds me, should cancel the art job aplication that i have with there sister company, IR gurus)

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For the record Bullant Studios is a privately held company with no relationship with IR Gurus.

To my knowledge David Coen has not been offered a position at Bullant Studios.

Richard Lyons
Lead Artist
Bullant studios

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If ur not working at Bullant, where are you working?

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my confusion, though antjuice was the same as bullant... i think my habit of only going online once i'm too tired to do any more programming is getting to be a bad habit