Freeplay 2007 coming August - suggestions?

It's great to hear that Freeplay is back again. The organisers are open for suggestions for the conference, but I thought I'd open a thread to see what you'd like to see in the next Freeplay conference.

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Will there be some representatives from Film Victoria that indie developers can talk to about their funding opportunities, what they all mean, and how to get their hands on them?

Also, will anyone be recording any of the sessions to maybe put up on the web in the form of a podcast? This was done by Gamasutra for GDC 07 (and many other events), and it's good to be able to listen to the sessions if you can't manage to be one of the lucky ones to make it down.

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bean bags and Wonderboy in Monsterland.

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Actually, I was going to ask you if you were interested in covering the conference for Sumea. I can send you the trusty Sumea camcorder we used for Game Connect and the opening of the Hits of the 80's exhibition at ACMI last year. We'll discuss this in the news editor forum

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Yeah, awesome! Glad it's on a Saturday. Hope you've got a tripod, because if my holiday videos are any indication, I can only take crooked shaky video, must have one leg shorter than the other or something.

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Its on the day after GC ends - i hope they know that, seeing that GC is this years the must see games show.