Design and Programming openings at Pandemic


Submitted by (Christie Peterson)

Design and Programming openings at Pandemic

Pandemic Studios is looking for some Brisbane based people to complement their team on a new project. The Game is an original concept for PS2 and Xbox. If you can meet the following requirements, please email us at and we?ll be in touch!

Game Designer (Entry Level Position)

We're looking for people that have a keen interest in
console game design, have a good technical background and are
able to work within a team. It goes without saying that you
have to love games, too!

Required Skills:

Game design experience on at least 1 published title OR extensive level design and/or modding experience for existing games.
Level design - experience in planning out and building game levels in either a level editing tool or 3D package
Mission & Gameplay design - experience in planning out and implementing (through triggers, events, scripts, etc.) missions as well as interesting / challenging uses of existing gameplay mechanics within a level.
Writing documentation that concisely and clearly details gameplay. Can include one page game ideas, specs for levels and pen & paper game designs.
Broad knowledge of console games and an ability to analyze their strengths and weaknesses.
Excellent communication skills - especially an ability and willingness to take on programming and art concerns and address them.
An ability to deal with technical issues, scheduling constraints and external feedback.

Ideal Candidate:

Experience using a variety of level editing tools
Console design experience.
Dialog/VO writing experience.
Scripting language, Java or C++ experience.
3D Studio Max or other retail 3D art application experience.

Junior Programmer (Entry level position)

We?re looking to add to our team of programmers in creating the technology that underlies great console games.

Required Skills:

A completed graphical/interactive title, a game demo, or a distinguished academic course list in relevant disciplines.
Proficient in C/C++.
Good oral communication.
Able to work with minimal supervision.
Must be able to work in a team atmosphere with schedules and reliable milestone delivery.

Ideal Candidate:

A minimum of 1 completed game project.
2+ years of game programming experience.
Proven technical expertise on either Xbox or PS2.
Experience with cross-platform development.
Low level assembly experience, (80x86, MIPs or VU code).
Advanced animation, processing, rendering or sequencing.
Current DirectX experience.

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how realistic is it to expect somebody with 2+ years of game programming experience, xbox or ps2 experience, and at least one completed project to want a junior programming position?


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That's the *ideal* junior candidate really.

I might apply even though I probably won't get in (because of the distances involved). I pretty much have the requirements covered though.

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many people in this industry at programmer or senior programmer level have that amount of experience, hiring somebody at junior level with a shipped title is a joke.

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Well i'm definately applying.. its a dream job for me. Although atm, i'll take pretty much anything, even if it means moving to melb/syd. Its a pain in the ass getting into the industry :(