Killzone 2 budget - over $20 million

Things have certainly been quiet with news relating to Killzone 2. The last E3 was a surprising non-show for the game, whereas the previous Killzone 2 E3 showing caused a bit of a media sensation with many questioning the footage that the developers showed off.

Anyway, the silence around the game has been lifted somewhat, with Gamespot nabbing some new details on the game.

Killzone 2 will cost over $20 million (US) to develop, with a team over 120 (three times the size of the original Killzone team). "We're working on the biggest multimedia project in Dutch history." says the Killzone Director.

That's some serious moola.

From Gamespot

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Aesthetically the first one was great as well, especially for the PS2, so there's no doubt they'll get the visuals going. But for 20+ mil I'm kinda hoping they fix the gameplay a bit because I really was not that impressed overal with the layout of the first. The design and code seemed to be catering more for the graphics and lost out because of it and I'm wondering if that's the team culture. Perhaps the same will happen with this one.

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Sounds like Sonys eqivilent to Gears Of War ...

... Seriously it's a bland game and people love it

Killa Dee's picture> Looks like their hiring a boot load of new staff.

KILLA DEE2006-11-29 03:37:52

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theyve so corned themselves with this one. If this game turns out to be anything less then AAA+ heads will roll. The expectations are waaaaaaaaaay huge

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yeah they'll take a hit with the critics, but with the market anticapation being so high, they'll more than likely still pull a profit and thats what they're after. It's business afteral so they're probably doing the right thing ecconomically by hyping the crap out of it, most people who buy a PS3 will buy that game I'd say

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Looking @ the ps3 titles Gran Turismo 5 and Metal Gear Solid 4 are the only 2 that are ringing the buy a ps3 alarm bell 4 me.

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What about Resident Evil 5 / Final Fantasy XIII
HazarD2006-12-20 04:48:41

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Yes believe it or not Sony is gearing up for massive titles here in japan next year and the mostly the year after.   

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lolz, your right HazarD I must of had domestic blindness when I was patrolling through the ps3 wiki titles.