tsumea modeller challenge 10 - Igor2007

Well I'm new to tsumea but I'm told this is the place to be. Cant wait to see the models and ideas posted by everyone.
Buuuut enough soppy crap, down to business! Not 100% on this idea, but I like where it's going. The name is B.B.Q (the colonel). an enraged pyromaniac whose calling card is a burnt chicken. I know this pulls away from the serious side of things, but hey, what the hell! :P
I'll post up a few silluettes soon.

Good luck to the rest of you!

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got a few silluettes done. number 1 is "BBQ" a chicken farmer who lost his nut when he found out they were being eaten. Now torches chicken selling restraunts.
nuimber 2 is Chiv, the kitchen hand. Havn't decided on a weapon yet. thinking some kitchen impliment (knifes too obvious) maybe an oven?
C&C welcome. And suggestion!

tsumea comp silluettes

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man you love your flame throwing dudes. it looks cool, i prefer the first picture though case he looks like he could run from someone, but the second one he needs to hall around a slop bucket. also i don't know if the first one has a mask or not, but i like the mask on the second guy so you might wanna shove that on the first dude.

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Not to bad with your sillouette work there Jono. im looking forward to a bit of a Dom War rematch

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hehe i know the feeling, this should be intresting comp

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Nice Work Jono. I like the dude on the left.
My Portfolio www.mitchellplatt.com

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Heh, I was given the opinion that I should make the larger man a delicate pastry/cake chef with a floral shirt and such, the flamethrower for lighting candles. I think it's a pretty cool idea! Buuuut I need to work out detail for the characters, so far there's not tho much too them. Then again dirt and such can fill out detail.

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Sorry for the crappy link presentation (I'm sure there is is neater way to show them) on reading pastry/cake chef and flame-thrower I thought of how Brulee is made with a mini flame torch. Links are to a few images of the process. thought it might help trigger off some more ideas for ya.


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Hey thanks, wasn't actually sure how to implement a flamethrower in but I think you just gave that to me (SWEET BONUS!!!). A little too clean though so I might have to work up a home made one, but thanks for the post.

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Well it's been ages since I was on this forum, thought I posted some more of my concepts up, but apparently not. Well for an update I started modeling today, and this is the result of about an hours work (includes tweaking) also ignore the tongue, its a place holder and without much emotion the tongue looks out of place!

head pyro

I'll be moving into zbrush for some test high poly heads, but probably wont Zbrush for the final until the whole character is finished in low poly. :P

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geez i've been modelling for hours and mine doesn't even look like crash test dummy

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show us your z brush skills.

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Funny story that! had a zbrushed head at school on a trial copy of zbrush. Then Tristan came over to show me some of the "features" of Zbrush and it crashed. So I started on completing the low poly model instead. I have a completed 4000 tri naked model now. I'm going to render him and concept clothing and accessories. Also probably post an image.

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I still like your model Jono, and I lol at the zbruish crashing :P and it's not my fault the trial is so old and unstable you should've saved ^^.

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Well heres the low poly character before Zbrushing! has some of the minor accessories, mainly put in for me to see where to divide the model up for exporting. I've gone for the pastry chef character, but I've exaggerated his upper body further for a 'gorilla' feel. Sort of to detach him from the 'Ideal' pastry chef. still working on Ideas for the flamethrower, but I'll focus on the weapon later.

wire of tsumea character 4000 tris

* oh and Tristan, I know it's not your fault, but it's a damn funny coincidence! :P

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Cool! Love it :)

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Due to popular demand (by Seb) I dabbled in Zbrush for a bit... soooooo much fun! :P well heres a 400,000 poly version of my characters head. I probably wont be using this head, which is why I didn't go into the finest details and I still don't know all the functions of Zbrush, but I'm getting there.

on that note, if anyone knows how to import multiple objects into the zbrush scene as sub tools so they can show up in the viewport at the same time, I would be grateful for that info!*

*Looks up tut's in vain!

Zbrushed head for tsumea challenge

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Just for fun I was trying a colour concept in Zbrush, something _CAD_ showed me (cheers) so heres the face with a simple texture (make note this is my first time so It's not that good!) But I'd like to know if the face with the smoke is too much. and suggestions for change are welcome.

Also the metal thing on his head is the ends of the strap for the Goggles, which are a separate mesh. Just testing whether it should be done as a normal or as geometry, if I make it more subtle I think I'd go with normal.

Texturing in Zbrush

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Looking good Jono, watch the pinch tool(im guessing thats what you used) around the mouth its giving off a bit of an unnatural feel.. well unless thats what your going for.

to get in more subtools, start Zbrush import the next part eg torso and arms then go load tool load your head, then underneath the subtools option should be the APPEND option and yea you should be clever enough to work from there man

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I'll try that out, thanks for the tips. I sharpened the edges using the flatten tool, the model is practically the way I want it, I'm going for blocky, sharp edges. I'll probably square out the nose and eyebrows even more.

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Well I haven't been back on here in a while. I have however been keeping up with the model. I'm not gonna post cause I'm lazy and not that happy with it. I have entirely Zbrushed the model...

HOWEVER when designing the weapon I ended up re-designing the accessories and personality, so have moved back a few steps soooo... back to Zbrushing the new Improved model.

well heres a taste of the new model. well the concept anyway.

nex character model

concept change

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I've done a quick unwrap and texture theme. crit welcome.