Designer and Programmer opening


Submitted by Theo Thedorou of CashGames

I am looking for a very highly skilled network games and animation (basic animation) programmer. A high level of mathematics is required in order to animate to constantly changing Excel co-ordinates. The game is set up so that players? use a unique identifier to watch a replay of the last quarter of the race on our games severs.

If you are a self motivated and a highly skilled individual willing to take a risk then this is the project for you. You must be willing to apply your talents free of charge for up to two months but the rewards will be astronomic. This is a unique opportunity never to be repeated, imagine potentially going from the poverty line to a top position in the worlds? best skill cash games group.

We have developed a Skill based horse racing game for up to 16 multi player riders. Players ride against each other in a strategy based game on a winner take all basis. The game is not a gambling product but is set to blow apart games of chance such as poker machines and similar products.

The game is designed in Microsoft Excel and has evolved in line with new technologies. The game engine allows for a seamless interface with; wireless technology, interactive television and wireless closed intranets (internet cafes, clubs, pubs, racetracks etc). There are many built in factors such as demographics modes, champion mode and upcoming race mode.

Your job is to animate the race to my instantaneous Excel co-ordinates and the multi player games programming for both closed Intranets and Internet play. Applicants must be based in Sydney as there will be substantial interaction with our Park Street CBD office.

If you think you fit the bill and are willing to invest your time for a potentially huge reward then you should send your resume by email to Attention Theo.

Group submissions (maximum of 3 persons) will also be considered.