Unity 3D showcase


Hi, I thought I'd make a thread on some awesome Unity3D stuff I come across. People are doing some great things with this thing, and in a lot of the cases, you can try it online with the Unity webplayer as well.

The first one I'd like to link off to is online FPSer with some nice art called Paradise Paintball. It's not going to Crysis a run by any means, but there are some nice post processing effects and online multiplayer works very well.


- Networked physics solution
- Highly optimized dead-reckoning algo for avatars
- Auto-foam generator, just put islands in the water, it does the rest
- Underwater is a bit special, have a look and listen
- FaceBook integration including Tab, Profile, FB & Friends ranking plus invite
- Really cool network synced laser sniper
- Neat trick for floating boats on water - try shooting it
- Cheats - but you'll never find them Smiley
- 100k downloads in 9 days
- Had up to 50 simultaneous games
- All hosted on Amazon S3