Sumea Challenge #7- popawheelie - Challenger #8

Hello all,
Some good work goin' on here.
Just like to join the party you guys got goin here :)

I think i'll have a shot at the covert class. i just hope i have enough time to finish it.(quite busy atm)

Heres a rough. (

I'm heading towards a sniper type character that has the tuff job of destroying/disabling tanks from a fairly safe distance. She is quite armoured, as i believe she would be hit from a fair bit of shrapnel once the tank knew she was in the area..

I'll post up a wip 3d soon :)

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awesome concept and a very good explanation, i particularly like the armour, its got a very nice look and flow to it. i'm certainly looking forward to the model, it should be great. i dont know whether you have thought about this ( u probably have), but make sure you plan out the shoulder armour properly for animation. i also tend to make bulky armour for my models and its a good to think about it beforehand. good luck

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I love the kitten logo :)

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Hi all, thanks for the compliments :)

Conundrum- Hopefully the armor will deform properly, i believe (fingerscrossed) i have enough geometry for a appropriate deformation. ive made mistakes with over ambitious armor before :(

Thanks Kezza, im gunna put some more graphic images in the textures, a spin on WW2 nose art on planes.

Attached is an updated screen of the 3d model. Im trying to design the armor to form a shield when the character is in a firing position. I have modelled this figure very quickly (4-6 hours,how time flies) placing armor over the top of the initial figure to get a rough idea of how it proportions etc.. The proportions of the thigh, width of the hands etc, are a little off, and the character has no hair at the moment, (also the 2 sides of the face arent joined.) Anyways, any comments/crits most welcome.

To the left of the image is a rifle, its design incorporates itself into the armor, in particular the shoulder guard, (it bracers against it.) To the righ of the image is a hooded poncho for stealthy business.


Ill post up some better wires soon. :)

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hey guys, heres some updated renders...havent had much time to work on it, but here we go..

[img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] Download Attachment: [url=""]sniper-renderfront.jpg[/url]
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[img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] Download Attachment: [url=""]sniper-renderback.jpg[/url]
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[img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] Download Attachment: [url=""]sniper-renderface.jpg[/url]
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On the side, covering the ear, is a gadget for communication, enhanced hearing and is so technologically advanced that it has less poly's than an ear.[:)]

Still got a bit to go,I'm close to the poly count,(3400) but once i got all the detail in, i'll distribute some poly's to give some better difinition to things like the shoes and other bits :)

theres also a cloak/hooded thingy that sits around here shoulders..dont think its in the shot.. :/

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It looks good, but it looks like it has more than 3400 tris. Are u working in editable poly or mesh?

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Nice model, I like what you?ve done with this. [:)]

Though, if you want constructive comments and crits, you really should show the model with a wire. Without the wire it?s hard to judge the poly flow, but it does look like your basing the count in quads and not tris - though it could just be the lighting.

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Ohhh, maybe im making a huge mistake, the brief says 3500 polygons, but then its has in brackets tri's....hmmm
... Im gunna have to clear that one up quick..

Lechy-Im using editible poly. I find it easier than a mesh, more options..

Palantir- I'll post up some wires.. :)

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Popawheelie: I hope this clears it up.

"A polygon is a closed geometric figure that consists of points (vertices)which are connected by straight line segments (sides or edges).

Generally the terminology is as follows, a triangle (tri) is a 3 sided polygon, a quad is a four sided polygon and an Ngon is a polygon of 5 or more sides.

For clarity when someone say 1000 "polygons" in the context of games, you can be pretty sure they mean 3 sided polygons as its the smallest unit of polygonal measurement, this information is used in conjunction with many other factors, textures size, vertex count, stripping etc to help judge the meshes overall memory cost. "

No offence to you btw but it scares the hell out of me that so many people don't even understand this yet want to work in CG industries.

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Is it just me or are your renders really blurry? It's coming along well, keeping to the concept design , but yeah, would be good to get some wires and some better renders up, will be easier to assess.

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editible poly rocks.... that is how i model as well... just give yourself a bit of space and dont go too overboard on the topography and you should have no problems culling it back...

your model looks awsome!

it has a great silouette and relatively even poly distribution.. shouldnt be hard to get a good tri mesh out of it at the end..

and just to state the obvious... tris can be treated like an end product thing.. as long as you are aware that the mesh is meant to endup in tris... the modeling process doesnt need to suffer for it... quads are a great way to model for both game and cg..

quad modeling from my experience can give you a more congruent topography and can tri-strip better in the long run...sometimes (correct me if i am wrong cos im learning as well) better to have a 10% higher poly count and something which tri-strips 30% better than the other way around..

keep up the good work...

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Malus said:

No offence to you btw but it scares the hell out of me that so many people don't even understand this yet want to work in CG industries.

I know what you mean; it?s such a fundamental thing yet many people miss it. I spent a year studying game development with my Diploma, and through the many character creation classes we had (modelling classes/tutes), they didn?t once teach us about polygons. I only learnt about tris and 5-sided polys from this site.

I spent all that money to learn how to make games, and they didn?t teach us basic optimisation principles. Now that?s scary!

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Malus-My mistake, Im working on 4 projects at the moment, all of which are around 3000-3500 polys, 3 of them are in quads or normal polys, (A polygon in which all the angles are equal and all of the sides are equal. ) One of which is in tri's, this one..

Wizenedoldman-true they do look a little blurry, i cropped em in PS, and then used bicubic smoother which would have done it,

Tojo- Yeah, im a bit fan of edible poly, i used to work with mesh a bit, and found it to be limited in tools.

I think ill just start agian with the model, It'll be easier(for me) to start agian than to strip a hell of alot of polys. Guess i just wasted 6 hours. This model is over, ill whip up a new one soon.

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quote:3 of them are in quads or normal polys, (A polygon in which all the angles are equal and all of the sides are equal.)

Quads are normal polys? Never heard that terminology before.

As for the definition, a quad is a polygon with 4 sides, they don't need to be equal, infact you'd be wasting polygons just trying to keep everything equal.
I don't know how you could ever efficiently model something with all the edges and angles being equal.

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Doh,i meant regular polys,not normal. :/ Its a mathematically term for the shape, basically its a 4 sided poly (quad), A polygon is basically defined as a closed plane figure bounded by straight sides. Anywho, u know that. its all much of a muchness, I messed up. I've modeled up another.

Heres a wire from the new model, its a rough start, the proportions look a bit squat in the jpg, its just under 2 hours work.(the helmet looks a bit well..not right

Hes the same light class solier, i'll make him look more agily as the model progresses. I got to head off to work.. :(

[img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] Download Attachment: [url=""]newone.jpg[/url]
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quote:Originally posted by Wizenedoldman

Is it just me or are your renders really blurry?

I had that problem about a year ago and couldn't figure out why all my renders came out blurry on my PC at school. It turned out to be the smoothing option in the 'JPEG Image Control' dialog. (Appears in 3DS Max when you save a render as a jpeg). I have it set to 0 by default now. Just thought I'd mention that in case anyone didn't know. [;)]

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ok, gotta get crackin on this! been so busy with other projects.

After much contemplation on the topic of space marines...I think a space marine character really needs a ride, hell, everyone need a ride..Space marines, and i'm being quite general here, are the evolution of the Knight. I see the future battlefield of space marines to be a rough terrian, where a trusty steed, or wheeled vehicles can't cope. Inspired by nature ( and early ciivilisations), space marine engineers have look at nature to conquer the landscape and the battlefield.

Covert trooper, agile stalker
[img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] Download Attachment: [url=""]rider_tiger_low.jpg[/url]
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I designed a Heavy mount(sorta cute lookin', i need to put on its angry eyes)

[img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] Download Attachment: [url=""]rhino_low.jpg[/url]
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Im gunna stick to my previous class and go covert..

Update REAL soon!

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OK, Currently around 3100 tris, gunna cut in some more to take some nasty edges off. Its all unwrapped, started texturing (adding in some tone, just finalising the texture look. AT the moment, i'm thinkin' the metal work on the tiger will be inspired by WW2 planes and 1950-60's american cars. So basically riveted metal panels with some stylish trim. (No chrome thou, being covert and all) Although, i was thinkin of having some glowing bits behind the leg joints, so u can see the glow from behind but not from the front. The look of the rider will be a mixture of the tiger's metal panels and materials/plastics. Gunna add some decals to the tiger aswell, for giggles.

Crit/comments most welcome.

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I'll post an update soon as i start finalising some textures.

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hey poppy!!! it looks OKAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :P

Darkangel :P

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WHAAAT?... :))))

I see u like the dave chappelle show too :)

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nice, allmost a starwarsy (im thinking of all the various weird animals they rode like tuan tuans? man i wouldnt have a clue how to spell that).

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Great idea, should be fun to animate.

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Very cool, looking forward to seeing it textured!

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Thanks guys,
Ill send thru a mid textured piccy soon :)

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Hey guys, started texturing, wacked a rough coat on the head of the tiger. Quite fun to texture this model, im used to working with 256x256.

[img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] Download Attachment: [url=""]tex_start.jpg[/url]
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looking good wheelie popa!

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That looks pretty cool. I was wondering how you give it that reflective metal texture because that?s the look I?m going for and I don?t know how I?m going to do it?

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Goodgod- The reflections are just photoshop tricks, real easy to do.

Firstly- U MUST have a wacom, from there in Phopshop, you lay down colour and then burn and dodge the edges. I paint from estimating where the light source is coming from. Also, u can try overlaying or multiply layers to get nice effects.
I usually work with minimal colour and then overlay a texture to give it some zing.(the above attachment hasnt been thru this.)

I'll update in the next day or so. Nearly done...............sorta

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Oh, i forgot to add for reflections and shiny business, i use the smudge tool, with a textured brush, actually most painting i do is with a textured brush. Alot of ppl dont like the smudge tool, i love it. I used to do alot of chalk/pastel/oil painting when i was studing visual arts, so im kinda used to it. It can get muddy looking so i tend to retouch with the paint brush for a sharper image.


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Thanks for that. That sounds like a good technique. I think I'll try it. I don?t really know what you mean when you say texture brush though.

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Sorry, should have been clearer, by textured brush i meant,a non uniformed brush, eg. splatter of dots. It makes it look less handbuilt, and more realistic. Kinda hard to describe, give it a shot.