Sumea Modeller Challenge #10 - dark_virus_2007

Just reserving my spot will come up with ideas laters :P

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yeh sorry guys I have not posted anything yet as I am still currently working on the comicon challenge @ gameartisans, I will make a start soon hopefully :)

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oh k. I hope this style is in the guidelines. I basically drew her up at UNI.

Im not really 100% sure yet what her story or calling card can be yet, but here is just an idea on a possible story and see what everyone thinks.

IMO I am leaning toward making her a hacker, who previously worked as a software programmer for a cyber corporation but got fired. As revenge she became a hacker which lead to her infiltrating her previous cyber corp and any other company or business affiliated with it. So in short her revenge is to destroy the computer mainframes of those companies to possibly take money and drive the corporation out of business.

I'm thinking maybe a calling card for here is a CD that plays a taunting message 'Your mainframe has been infiltrated by(havent given her a name yet).

I know the picture is hard to read, but what I was trying to achieve is sort of a matrix like style character(leather trenchcoat, sunglasses, whatever)
crits and comments always welcome.

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Yeah the idea is very similar to Neffy's entry. She has a cyber hacker chic happening. Although yours looks like a totally different style.

The concept sketch looks plausible to me.

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Sweet virus, i think shes a little top heavy though :)

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Kookiemunster - Yeah I know thats why I really want to try and come up with another idea, I might build on her concept and see I can come up with an another idea for her.

_CAD_ - lol yeh I did notice that a bit :), it was something I just whipped up during class with out references(I know u can tell alot lols) so I will be making another version soon :P

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I want to see more

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dont worry ill be posting something soon with the story as well.

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Soz what I was meant to say was thatI will post the new concepts soon but I have a bit of UNI work I have to attend to, im thinking maybe on the weekend I might be able to add something.

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This is the possible story i'm probably going to go with, it is a bit cliche' but I think it is a much more original idea than the one I had before as I realised that alot of people already had the idea to do a hacker, that I decided to change my idea and make something a bit more original. IT may not make alot of sense (I hope some of it does), but it is just a small backstory about her. So yeh I have also scrapped the original concept but I may still use some features from it.

Name:Havent figured one out yet.
Type of character: Bionic Infiltrator
Sex: Female
Calling Card: Detonator

A horrible incident involving some employees(and CEO) from a corrupt major corporation has turned her into what she never thought shed become. Her father who was pretending to work for them as an online distributor of a various new range illegal drugs and other illegal distributions of other things this company takes part in, who in theory is an undercover commisioner working for the government who were trying to take the corrupt company down.

The company eventually found out her father was sending information to the government about what was going on and was eventually killed. After that the corporation track down her family and had killed the rest of them. She managed to survive but her legs and other parts of her body were severly damaged.

She is half human due to the amputation they had to do due to her damaged limbs and arms. In this case she has prosphetic arms and leg with mechanical apparatuses that enhance various traits. For example increased strenth from her mechanical limbs allow her to fall from greater hieights. She is now out ofr revenge on the company that killed her family. She carries 2 weapons rifle and sidearm(in case sshe comes in contact with security guards) and as well as her detonation mines to take down the company.

Her calling card is a detonator which she tends to leave behind after the deed is done.

I hope this can fit the brief, whether she is a heroin or villain is a bit in the grey area as she is more of a vigilante type who is seeking revenge for the deaths of her family, but keeps a peaceful side inside of her of the memories she had before her incident.

Proportions are a bit well wierd at the moment but I will fix that later down the track.

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Oh I almost forgot that red thing on her head is going to be some sorf of mask to hide her face.

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nice, its starting to look pretty good, keep it up