tsumea modeller challenge #10 official thread

The title sums it up. In the mean time how about an unofficial modeler challenge to get people in the mood, a concept art challenge or even a texture challenge (Make a set of say 8 tiling textures and put them in a basic environment)

In fact I think a concept art challenge warrants further discussion.

What do you think?

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I'd be up for it.

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So we have a couple of months until then. The problem with unofficial challenges or little challenges has always been the lack of interest in them. People rather opt to spend their spare time on the real challenge, it seems.

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A concept art challenge would be of interest to me :D like wise for any shorter illustration based activities in the Quick Activities section.

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I just might brave it, we'll see.

And hi guys :) (I've been lurking around but the tutors have always been encouraging getting out there - somewhere lol) Concept art would be fun.

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i'll take any challenge, the more practice the better, wether it be concept, texturing or modeling.

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I would be up for something like that although time is definitely not on my side atm. Atm I am also doing the Dominance war challenge which is keeping me too busy atm to do an unofficial challenge though.

Ill definitely be joining the modeller challenge again this year as last year taught me alot about art direction so this year I am going to try and follow our next brief more accurately:P.

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Im thinking we should do a low poly char comp, say 4 weeks to make a 1500 poly char, only use diffuse/spec/opac.

Just make a poll and let community vote, no prizes heh.Im sure at least 3 or 4 people from AIE would do it so it wouldn't be completely empty :)

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yeah we are suckers at aie for doing alot of work XD but i do like high poly more. although all i am really after is as much practice as i can get :P

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Yeh, I've been considering making it a low polygon competition this time round. What does everyone else think? I do have a theme in mind already, and of course, it's something we've never covered before. It will be a character challenge though.

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Do you mean for the main comp or as a mini comp?

For the main comp I think you should really head more towards dominance wars limits (9000 tris, 2048x2048 textures, able to use mental-ray and effects ect in your beauty shot only).

The big advantage of the Sumea comp for us is that we get to get so much feedback, it would be a shame if it was too niche is all.

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My Idea was to do what Dominance war 3 did(have a mini comp 650tri character (limited to 256 x256 texture sheets) and then have a main comp 9000Tri limit (2048x2048 textrue sheets).

This could push both exp limits, e.g for the ultra low, it could be pushing our limits by trying to get the best Silhouette, without to many jaggy issues(trying to get an awesome looking model noly using 650tris). The ultra low will be also pusing texture res exp, by making the artist figur how to get the best looking model with suc little texture space.

Then the main wuold be pushing the users high def exp by making the user think what they can do with all that detail. Also on what they can make out of the 9000Tris(or more if we want higher).

OK I'm starting to crap on huh, so ill be quiet now :D, anywys that was my idea, any takers?

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I was thinking of a low polygon challenge for the main comp. So, no normal maps, and half that polygon and texture size. We've had normal maps as part of the challenge for a while now, and I think it's time to change the format a bit. What does everyone think?

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We've had some great interest to get a sponsored and supported programmer challenge happening this year, and I'll be getting that organised soon, but perhaps we could do some mini challenge for this? It would help provide some assets for it, I reckon.
However, judging to past experience, mini challenges have been pretty hard to get some enthusiasm and challengers for.

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Souri please consider a concept art challenge, I reckon the idea would go over well and its never been done on this site before. For the first one you dont need a prize (Or something cheap, like a free game) just get something started to see what sort of response you get

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yeah a concept art chalenge would be awsome...

not necessarily finished art... maybe just model sheet

id be into that.... wouldnt take as much time.. ad probably get heaps of entrants

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Yeh, I'd love to get a concept art challenge happening. Perhaps we should try getting some activities happening again to see if there is a big interest for it got a big challenge. We'll see.

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Checking back in,

I'd definitely give the concept one a shot at least. If the main one is to include normal mapping, I'll try it in the background but not actually join in - I had bad experiences the last time I tried it and need more grounding (and perhaps a different hardware setup - looking into options).

The 650, I'd give it a shot, I looked at the ga org mini dom thread and saw some pretty awesome stuff, granted some of them used sculpting anyway to get some details in there. Still, if it isn't needed I'd feel more encouraged personally to go for it seeing as if normal maps aren't needed then there would be no need to worry about it if it were not to work out. Though clearly, if you can it can help out heaps with placing details on the diffuse (perhaps just baking out the height).

Either way I need to practice and encourage myself. So my own personal thoughts are 9000, I'll work in the background. 650 I'll try and shove myself out there with you guys and concept art, hell why not. I try to draw more anyway :B

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/me puts hand up for modeling comp with normal maps incorporated as part of the tech requirements.

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Alright Souri its July whats the news on the competition? Is there any theme yet, if not want any suggestions?

Actually I have one. I've always wanted an excuse to make character in the style of the Time Splitters games.
Take a look at this page for an idea if you haven't played a Time Splitters game

I'm not sure about theme but sci-fi could be good since the last theme was ancient greece. Either a Human, robot, cyborg or humanoid alien/mutant.

I think a polygon count of 7-8000 would be a good range and maybe Normal maps and specularity.

What do you all think?

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I agree I think we should do sci-fi this year with styles like cyberpunk, high-tech cyborgs, aliens, robotic mahinery etc... as the range of styles are really broad maybe we can narrow it down to a select few (e.g maybe robots and cyborgs or cyberpunk type characters and aliens). I dunno maybe something along those lines?

I agree about the poly range it will give plenty of room for detail I was thinking 9000tris in my previous post like what they did for the Dominance war III but 7-8000 is probably more than enough.

How bout they also up the ante to 2048 X 2048 maps to try something next-gen that could push people a bit into using more details.

Well have to see what Souri has in mind but yeh manI agree that maybe we should go for a futuristic style this year, considering we did ancient greece last year.

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I 2nd that cyberpunk theme idea, it could be a really cool style to explore.

Souri do you have a starting date in mind? I really hope this year's challenge goes ahead.

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Maybe not just cyberpunk though, maybe like an anything sci-fi challenge as it will broaden design Ideas.

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I've already thought of an interesting theme for this year, and the idea behind choosing themes is that we don't cover stuff we've done previously. Anyway, I think we've got a great one this year and there'll be plenty of scope for creativity.

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Any idea when your going to announce it Souri?

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Maybe its model a character for a MMORPG, low poly, no normal maps sounds like it heh

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I'll be posting the guidelines up on the 20th

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im new here, and this sounds interesting, you guys can count me in

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hey guys. i watched last year's challenge, as i was a student in seb's class, and would like to participate this year if i have the time. so i will be patiently waiting till then, doodling anything my sick mind tells me to.

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ill be in most likely...

i'm keen as ..

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woot =D