Team A: Design and Production Thread

Here Team A will display any design-related work for public feedback, comments or general banter about the game's design. The main thing that will be put here, besides long-winded explanations most likely from yours truly, will be the Game Design Document, but other written works related to production may also be shown. So in short, lots of words.

Like programming, the design has been quite cooperative, so most documents will simply be something I've compiled from various people's work.

Constructive criticism is always welcome, but any off-hand comments about whether or not we should only allow the audio to be podcasts of 2GB won't be discouraged.

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By which I mean the compiled mess that I had to order off the wiki begins. We've already been working on the Game Design Document steadily whilst already starting art and programming. I expected, given the amount of designers we started with, to have a lot of design by committee, but in the end there were really only two contributors to this being Jarrod and myself.

Death Metale GDD - Version 1.0

Apologies in advance if it's not descriptive enough in some areas, I rely upon lots of hyperlinks on the wiki we're using, so I've had to remove all that. Also, no version history since, once again, it's on a wiki. Sometimes I feel like the wiki is a bit empty, but I'm happy after seeing it compile into 31 pages when I know I've still got edits and entries to make.

Feel free to put any comments & criticism here. Cheers.