sumea modeller challenge 10 -KIT-

hey everyone just saving a spot =) no idea what sort of character i'll be doing yet

just keen to start =)

ok i've decided to go with an arms dealer, not sure on a calling card yet but hopefully something a bit cooler then just a business type card lol

should have a concept up by next week hopefully

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this is just my initial thoughts for the arms dealer, may still get changed and is yet to be coloured but oh well =)

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Instead of a business card your guy could use one of those bullet casings on his belt as a calling card?

Your idea+concept gives me the impression that he has many guns tucked away under that coat; always prepared for anything you might say =)

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i've been thinking a lil more bout the calling card and seeing some of the questions in the main topic, can be any size and i might even have the weapons case as the calling card =) or yeah a shell casing with his name and a number or something

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so far i've got an armsdealer, prehaps with a calling card of a weapons case, i figure he might like to give product demonstrations to potential clients =), so just leaves the empty case behind.... likes to blow stuff up, hence why his own personal weapon of choice is a M79 CAW grenade launcher (think terminater 2 near the end) and i think ill try position a nice explosion in the background of the final pic.

Not neccessarily a killer him self but definately likes to blow stuff up, and supplys others with the means to do their own killing.

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Calling Card, What about a box of detonators. I just like the word Detonator sounds so tough.

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hey kit, hows the progress going?

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atm its not going real well, had a project for school i had to do recently took up a huge slab of my time, but hopefully now i should be able to actually start, and hopefully finish.

mudboxing a head atm, its my 1st time using mudbox so its not bad considering, ill post up a pic soon.

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this is the head, its my 1st time using mudbox so im quite happy with the result, and its made from scratch, mainly because i used it for a project at school aswell, but also just so i could learn a bit more about mudbox and have heaps of practice, the body ill work up from a base mesh.

hopefully the mesh isnt to screwed from what i did to the cube in mudbox to go over a low poly head =)


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pretty impressive for your first mudbox attempt, keep it up!

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