I have been interested in this comp for a while now and this weekend I have finally pulled my finger out.

This is what I have so far....

Basically so far his name is PANE aka Guy Patterson.
He was a gifted artist specialising in glass. One fate filled night whilst putting the finishing touches on the masterpiece that would forever stamp his name in the pages of history tradgedy struck.
The war between Batman and The Joker had finally cime to an explosive end that distroyed nearly three city blocks, including Guy's studio.
The explosion shattered his masterpiece and sent shards of glass from his sculpture through what was left of his studio.

Miraculously Guy survuved but his body had been ripped to shreds by his sculpture. Having lost everything in the explosion Guy vowed to seek revenge on society and the man that cost him everything. The Joker was dead but Batman will soon be in a world of PANE.

OK so that is the back story. but now PANE having kept a love for art from a previous life sets to work on his new creations. His art however has now taken a macabre and sadistic turn.

Keeping his victums alive through torture he slowly dips their bodies into molten glass, forever preserving their burnt remains twisted in pain behind glass.

His calling card is a body part from is previous victum preserved in the same manner.

Well there he is. I have concepted him and started with the 3D. Please feel free to make comments and any crits are welcome.



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Cool idea, Great concept I really like your presentation very slick and professional!

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Didn't you just post the model-in-progress shot for this? It was very looking cool, what happened?

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Sorry guys I am new to all of this and was just posting in another section. I am not really sure what was going on but this should work. i hope.

Thanks for the comments guys I will have some more for show and tell shortly.



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I could not help myself. I had to do a quick paint over for the scars.

Will post 3D soon.

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OK here are some screens of the low poly head with normals, some texture work and some lighting.

as usual Crits and comments would be great.


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Haha man thats awesome good stuff, im not really a fan of the lower lip i reckon it needs a bit more refining but it doesnt look like your going to be able to see it so its not to bad....i wanna see more :)

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He sure looks like an interesting character, wanna see more bro nice work so far:P

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The scars could do with some sort of variation in subtlety and height so they don't look like the same pattern over his head, but other than that, nice work so far!

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Awesome concept! n nice modeling. by any chance u a metal gear fan? cuz the upper torso reminds me of tht crazy bomber or rollerblades in MGS2 :P