Hey all

Hey all, just wanted to say hello.

I would be keen to join a team working on a indie game so I thought i'd put my name out there if anyone is looking for modern game composer.

Besides, just wanted to say hello and see how active this forum is.



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Either people are too shy or mostly lurking. There have to be many indie groups around that would jump and take your offer. Do you have any music of your music that you can show?

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Yes, please post some music of your music!

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Thanks, i'll upload some tracks for anybody interested next week.

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I uploaded some streaming music this morning

The songs you will find are:

Industrial Metal
An "extreme" grungy industrial song for a high action game, such as a zombie first person shooter etc.

Eerie Puzzle
Mysterious themed modern electronica, with bit crushed drums, piano & Roland TB-303

Scary ambient music for a thrilling moment in a game - dreading something awful - mother alien etc.

Feel free to send constructive critism

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sorry, I admit I did lurk through this thread a while ago without saying hi. ...Hi!

Keep posting links when you upload new tracks too, it's a nice change of pace from browsing 3d models.

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Cool hello!

Alright sounds like a good idea, will do :)

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Saying hi.

Good to see a sound designer, I haven't listened to your work but I might give it an ear tuning a bit later.

And I wasn't lurking or shy, I just seem to forget to visit these forums enough.