Well only 4 entries.

well I got slammed at work this week so I have an excuse. I was almost finished needed about 8mor hrs. Oh well. I think WoW might WOTLK might have had a big effect on this comp. lol

Anyway good luck to all.

abe2mir's picture

wow only 4 entries? i never really followed any of the previous challenges and this was my 1st entry ever (u can make out from the really amateur model lol) thot there wud be loads :P

jadedbuddha's picture

Well done guys left my run a little late but i'll be finishing it over the next week or so, hope to get ur C&C when I'm done.

PS My vote is for DR TOX

abe2mir's picture

yea doc tox is the best model in, tho i found Pane to b the most interesting concept in the entire comp, sadly he hasn't submitted it

Neffy's picture

Yea i have no excuse, plenty of time early on to work on it but didnt. left it till the busiest time of the year getting ready for christmas ect :P

Maybe another day and itd be done, just had to texture.

Any chance of extensions XD ?????

souri's picture

It's actually 5 entries. And yeh, we usually get a lot more entries than this. I don't think we've had such a low turnout since the first challenge.

Tejay's picture

From some of the people i talked to, they all said the same thing about not really being physced about the theme.

Igor2008's picture

I got close to finishing and promised I would after graduation...as Tejay and some of the other student entrants might know I then cleaned my computer into oblivion (and not the game). So unfortunately I need to get a new computer to finish :(

But congrats to the people who did finish the results looked great :D

shika's picture

the theme didn't inspire me at all to be honest. I realise it's up to the artist to come up with a fresh new design, but the last 3 briefs have definitely steered entries towards the somewhat realistic proportioned Beefy Human(with a change in costume)route
I've been dying for at the least a non-bipedal sumea challenge for a loooong time.

there were problems with the forum early on too that probably turned away a few people. newcomers not being able to sign up for a month, no obvious link to the challenge on the front page once the news article dropped off and the banner wasn't up yet, not being able to view the group forums or certain posts till you signed up etc.

tojo's picture

i thought the theme was pretty cool. i have spent about 30+hrs on my entry and didn't even post once (mostly because i was busy) .. but also i had a hard time navigating the forum at first for some reason...

i should have posted my progress and got into the forum more and then maybe i would've been more inclined to put that extra energy in.. i kinda feel a bit guilty actually.
i thought the challenge was awesome and that it is a shame that more industry people aren't putting more effort in.

(Ive been pretty busy with work at the moment)

congratulations to all those that did cross the line..

.. i i hope this only pushes us as a community to look at how to snap that energy back into the competition and forums as a whole..

this site and the competition is a great gift to the game dev community, and regardless once again souri i think you have hosted another great conpetition.

ScottS's picture

I got too busy with work. I'll still finish it though. Just need to find the time.

Anonymous's picture

I was interested in entering but to be honest the new website put me off, it was really awkward to follow threads and the whole thing was just horribly clunky there for a while. Shame really. Congrats to all those that did finish.

dark_virus_2007's picture

I got too busy with uni that I couldn't find time to get into it. I will finish it sometime though, I am sure it will make a nice folio piece.

Nice work to all who participated, also nice work to those who managed to complete their piece :).

Anonymous's picture

The theme was lame as shit.