PROFIT SHARES expanding team

This is my last shot (for now)

First of all I want to get one thing clear, theres no one as fair and honest than me so get any paraniod thoughts out of your heads. Im known for my 50 50 splits.

Alright now here goes,

What I intent to do is firstly create a quick, but extremely valuable game to earn some cash for the team members.

The tittle is described as follows: Beserko stray cat

Its an animal freestyle adventure games that is nowhere near as pathetic as all the other childish cat and dog games that I spit on when I get offended after wasting energy picking up and flipping the boxes at the electronic botique. Basically, in this game you are Beserko and you can do everything a cat can do from jump fences, walls, houses, cars, and retract and arm yourself with cat claws, bite, jump on, tumble attack, purr, rub against the walls, meow, howl, and even lick and decapitate mouses. If u can imagine my favourite game alley cat to the extreeme as a freestyle with gta style freedom, to point and click adventure not intended for under the age of 6 but for people with money.

Heres the best part, after successfull sales which as you can now, is garaunteed, I will turn this game into a mmo with all animals selectable such as birds, mice, rabits ducks you name it. With a speacial speech mimic graphical program whatever its called for talking over the net.

So there.

Whos the king of the jungle

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1) You have an unhealthy obsession with money, a naive outlook on business plans revolving around money and a belief that your team is in games development in the hopes of being millionaire barons rather than thoughtful developers.

2) You are yet to mention any slightly believable plan for how things will run and move along in regards to your team/business and all anyone signing up for this has to go on is your own word that you're awesome because you've played games and loaded with money because you're expecting an insurance payout.

3) With the above two points in mind, I can only ever read your posts in the following ways: either dripping with sarcasm or pointing at a naive outlook. Sorry if it's the latter and you find this harsh, I take back the apology if it's the former though.

That said, game idea is ok. Will never make it as an mmo of course, but not many games actually do make it as credible mmo's so you're not alone there.

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I dont have a unhealthy obsession with money, Im in it for the power, Im right with my house and my lamborghini thats all i need. I noted that the money was for the team (my new friends) which i want also to own a super car.

And about hopes being millionaires, its easy to see that a large percentage of the 7.2 bllion people on earh are going to buy beserco stray cat so I probally should of said billionaires :)

The idea of profit shares is so that the team can work from home at the own pace without the irritating feeling of making others money rather than their team. All other costs will be covered by me and other multi millionaire investors.

As for making it to the mmo thats depends on my extra 5 to 15 million dollars.

So the idea now is to get the team organised and talking, the graphic animation in progress and the programming under way.

I dont think drawing a few animals would be such a fastideous task.

meow uh .... wolf wolf

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I'll join your team, I'm an experienced programmer, how much will you pay per hour for my time? And when can we start?

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In addition to the problems pointed out by Bittman:
1) Your grammar and spelling are absolute crap
2) You're out of date. There are no "Electronics Boutiques" any more, only "EB Games"
3) Your target audience is "people with money". Have fun with that!
4) "the boys in the hood" can be pretty much guaranteed to not be an honest reference of character
5) The game idea sounds OK, but would only appeal to a very specific type of person and is likely to flop. It's certainly not a mint. There would be little, if any, profit from this venture, so offering profit shares is not winning anyone over, especially for the amount of effort required to implement "GTA-style" free-roaming gameplay without making it hideously tedious.
6) You want to expand the team to develop the game, but you will turn it into an MMO after it starts selling? Even if this was possible without pissing off everyone who purchased the original game (note that World of Warcraft is nothing like Warcraft, and Warhammer Online is nothing like Dawn of War), you'd have a lot of trouble becoming established.

It's obvious you have no experience in the industry. Playing games does not count, as anyone who has tried to write any form of game (even in BASIC or VB) can tell you. If you didn't keep reposting your pathetic excuse for a project plan, I'd think you were joking.

Seriously, give up. You're not winning any friends.

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You realise that for "the team" to make money here, you have to convince people to buy the game? Just saying "it will sell to lots of people" isn't convincing, neither is "it will be an MMO".

It'd probably be better for you to pitch the game idea to one of the big developers. They listen to people with Lamborghinis.

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1. I've worked on open world games for four years... and in my professional opinion, your plan doesn't make sense. Converting a single player free roaming game into an MMO is like turning a dead chicken into a space station, it just isn't physically possible without throwing everything out and starting from scratch.

2. In previous threads you dishonestly pledged small amounts of investment to your own cause, suggesting that $500 would be significant. Uh, yeah... that would pay a single decent programmer for like... 4 days? Even if you were clever with design, how you spent money and where you could cut corners, a game like this would cost a lot to make... and making an mmo would be a monolithic financial undertaking.

Please just stop, okay?
Make a small game (try making tetris to begin with), see how much effort is involved.

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Your six points are a bit of bullshit. For someone in the industry it sounds like your just hogging the employees. I think the people are going to like beserko better than you.

Quote Anonymous
'5) The game idea sounds OK, but would only appeal to a very specific type of person and is likely to flop. It's certainly not a mint. There would be little, if any, profit from this venture, so offering profit shares is not winning anyone over, especially for the amount of effort required to implement "GTA-style" free-roaming gameplay without making it hideously tedious.'

This quote is what got me mad.

Sounds like you really meant the opposite of what you said cause the opposite of what you said is the truth right. And when you say the game idea sounds OK you mean its FN brilliant dont you.

Who the hell doesnt like kitties and doggies. Or even mousies or biting their heads off for that matter.

And yes you can work for me only if you behave.

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Logging out isn't hiding your identity here.

There are a LOT of people who don't like animals. There are a LOT of people who don't like cats.

When I said the game idea sounds OK I meant the game idea sounds OK. If you want to think I meant otherwise, fine. Waste your money, time and effort.

I might consider working on this project if I had decent pay and a project leader who had a coherent and cohesive plan. You are offering neither of these things.

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I'm going to place bets that when a moderator checks this sender IP... it's going to be the same as Anonymous dog.

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Actually, my first reaction was that it was someone else. I mean, this Anonymous is asking for an hourly rate.

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Well exactly what i said 'first a quick and addictive version' for those who havnt played alley cat its like a 1.4 meg or less game.

As for the mmo version that is more of a 'toon town' animal kingdom not intened for passing levels as such in the original game but for communication, brawling, sheer fun and mucking around. I believe this mmo would be an effective time spender for those who are bored of life and want to enter the animal heaven. My granfather always said he wanted to be reincarnated as a cat.

Money wise everything is under control from software to sales, just need to get a few cats, dogs, mice and birds maybe some spiderwebs and then its the background. As easy as it sounds.

Another thing, to promote sales a screen shot of the best frame in the game is going to be on the front cover and on advertising posters which I will make seen by every person on the planet.

Keep going

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Anonymous Dogg has been known to do hijinks like this before, and replying under different logins all with the same ip details. My advice is to ignore his threads.

Anonymous Dogg, your other threads have been deleted because you're spamming the same post multiple times.

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So now we should believe you that it's an addictive game?

As for the MMO version, a game without gameplay? Not saying it can't be done (Second Life exists), but good luck with that.

"an effective time spender for those who are bored of life and want to enter the animal heaven"

So now you're saying it has a limited market? That's more realistic, and means that offering profit share is unreasonable.

Money-wise, if everything is "under control", why are you not offering wages? You also seem to imply the game is finished save the graphics. So you've done the networking, back-end engine, interface, sound, control scheme, data structures etc? Quick, get a beta released before someone steals your poorly thought-out design!

If you can make ads that are seen by every person on the planet, you're in the wrong industry. Stop assuming that the world-wide gaming community is composed of idiots.

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Hey I pressed the reply button not my fault your forum has bugs.


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You obviously didn't read the bit that said your threads get removed because you're a spamming troll ...

Dude, you should be a comedian; you make me laugh! You're also nowhere near as successful as Bill Gates. If you were, you'd offer wages just like Microsoft does.

If your goal is to be laughed at and ridiculed, you have succeeded exceptionally. Congratulations! *clap clap*

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This thread is comedy gold.

I mean, we'll probably get tired of him sooner rather than later, but he's great value.

Unfortunately, I know he's a troll more than a naive fool given the way he responds. It was more fun hoping he was just naive.

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We need beserko action.

Please any serious people dont use anonymous to respond and give a bit of detail about yourself.

Ill say this for the last time,

Profit shares, work at your own pace from home.

My email send your details and work examples.

I need animators and programmers. (I can do the dog sound effects and the rest)

And someone with a big vocabanary.

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We've been through this. No one will work for you unless you can demonstrate you understand what is required for the game to be made. Part of that is paying developers for them to spend their time and effort in your hopeless cause.

Well done on being able to bark like a dog, but can you meow like a cat?

Presumably, you want someone with a big vocabulary to teach you how to speak or write properly. This won't work either, as you refuse to learn from other people.

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*slaps self for not being able to resist getting involved*

This thread is gold, entertainment plus. its gone on long enough i think though, in my opinion dogg these weird game pitches/scams seem to be more of an insult to the hard working game developers out there and you really need to stop. I don't think that anyone is stupid enough to trust you and souri has already pointed out the fact that you're screwing with people, why continue?

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I'll love to stay and play with every anonymous coward on the planet but I have things to do, Plus you seem too stupid to get my vocabanary joke so how a you going to recognise a billion dollar game plan.

As for your grovelling over money, computers run on electricty.

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LOL Troll is lol.

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Once again you fail at the "Reply" button.

If you had a billion dollar game plan, everyone would be jumping on it. So if you do have one, please reveal it. Money is good, money buys things, money lets you post your pathetic ideas on the internet.

Expecting money for work done is not "grovelling". What is "grovelling" is you asking people to work for no reward. As it has been discussed, there is likely no way you will make any profit from this infantile venture.

Computers need electricity? No shit. How the hell are you going to sustain a development team if you're not paying them? Profit shares are all well and good, if they exist (which they won't), but that won't help pay the bills now.

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I made the post about being the programmer with experience. I just wanted to see if Anonymous Dogg was willing to put his money where his mouth is. Obviously not as all he's offering is some stupid profit / shares deal. In other words he wants people to work for him for free.

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Which is what I've been saying all along!

Wow, all these Anonymous people are getting confusing, especially when Dogg started posting logged out!

Also, you could have used the "Reply" on your own post ... *glares suspiciously*

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Sorry I have my options set to Flat list expanded, so I see all the new posts at the very bottom like a normal forum (made it way easier than searching through dozens of posts for the latest reply when reading all that stuff int the Pandemic thread) so I totally forgot about the reply to post feature.

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quoted from user Cad
"This thread is gold"

Ill ignore the rest of your post but thanks for your posting.

To recap the situation:

People you have a choice work for another company and be broke for 45 years or work as a millionaire that looks at money as the 'insult', (the word this guy Cad has just used).

Sorry for putting it so bluntly but your critisism is annoying me, phd dudes.

I wont stop untill this games is on the shelf. Dont worry Kitty, Puss Puss, Pussy cat, Tom cat, Garfield, Midget, Snowball and the Sumerai Pizza Cats. (RIP Nalie and Dino)

Thanks renzor (edited after his post)

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What a pack of chumps.

Best post ever. :)


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For a female animator or programmer that needs accomodation I will pay them a large percentage of profit shares and $200 per week cash plus cover all living expenses at my central office\house in riverwood near all amneties including Mcdonalds, Kfc, Oportos, Subway and many other shops. They would have to share with the new designer\project manager and would have access to a twin turbo mitsubishi gto.

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So now you're trying to score too? Looking for a threesome with a sexy project manager?

$200/week is less than Centrelink pays a student living at home. It's a pittance.

Your car also sucks. You can't pick up chicks in a car like that.

Someone, please, kill this thread!

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Whats this got to do with dating I object to your dirty minded head. Go back under the rock you crawled from. Please delete these last two posts.