Positions at Firemint



Submitted by Robert Murray

Firemint is looking for programmers, artists and a designer to join our team. Our game developers are highly skilled, big picture people, passionate about games and game design. They enjoy variety, creative input and small focused teams. If this sounds like you then please join us, and make a difference!


We work on big name games for big name publishers. Titles such as Need For Speed Most Wanted and Madden 07 for companies like EA, THQ and Disney. We are also building our own fresh brands from scratch, such as Mega Monster.

Our ambition is to deliver to our consumers something that they want, something that they value and something that they enjoy. This is an ambition we share with our publishers. It's a simple concept, but extremely complex to execute. More than anything it requires creative, passionate, flexible people and great teamwork.


You should have some C++ skills at a minimum and you shouldn?t mind learning other languages and API's as necessary. What you should be able to do is make a game (it's amazing how simple that sounds).
We tend to jump around to a lot of different platforms here, so a high level platform agnostic approach to your art is valuable. The sort of work we do is ideal for a hardware junky or a gameplay enthusiast. There is even some room here for a code nazi or two.


We are definitely looking for good core 3D skills here as a base. Some combination of skills in 3D modeling, texturing or animation is a must. Beyond that you will have your own leanings and styles. We get through a variety of projects here, so there is room for some variation from the cutest anime to the dark sick artwork of a perverted mind (or are they the same thing?).


This is a tough role and we need a highly experienced games industry applicant. Your role would see you involved in full design documents, design briefs, pitch documents, level designs, game balancing work and lots of meetings and brainstorming. Design is king, but it takes more than a good designer. That is why you are a team player with a good appreciation of how all the disciplines combine with a flexible and iterative development process to produce the ultimate game studio. We are still learning all this, I am sure you are too.


We are happy to consider juniors but we would like to see some demonstrations of your skill and potential. For programmers that means a demo, for artists a nice looking portfolio. A programming demo may be as simple as Galaga or Pacman. If you know your stuff then you could probably build a passable demo in a week of sleepless nights.


If you think you can fill one of these roles contact hr@firemint.com and attach CV's, demos or links where possible. If you don?t have a CV or a demo because you are too busy developing games, that is probably a good thing! So email us anyway, just don?t get upset if we don?t respond immediately. We are busy too.