RedTribe develops and releases Jumper for 360. Some reviews for your amusement :-)

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It certainly doesn't sound good, a metacritic score of 29 is pretty abysmal. According to the reviews I read the game lasts 2 hours, which just isn't good enough for a full priced game, even if the game was good.

Hopefully they do better with their next game(s).

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WoW I didn't think they could get lower then their last games score. Acme Arsenal's highest review average was on 360 and only averaged a measly 40%.

If RedTribe don't pick up their game I doubt they will be around much longer.

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Give it a rest ;)

This is old old news. They already have a new game coming out in July and another 2 games in development.

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I find the last comment amusing. Clearly someone at RT has had a nerve touched.

Personally, this does not surprise me. I would expect to see more of the same in the future from ;).

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geez.... we have to look forward to a bucketload more of this shite... The tribe are giving us all a great name, tough enough out there already for Oz Dev without them churning out this crap.

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Congratulations on your 3rd game.

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But, as it appears to be with RedTribe so far:
"harsh, but fair"

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It's nice to see space chimps is getting some decent reviews.
Well done guys.

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69/100 on IGN

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67% on IGN not 69%. Still good though for a kids game when compared to a lot of the other kids titles reviewed on IGN

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38 on cheat code central .. so not so great.

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That has already been posted before. I guess we'll have to wait for more review sites before forming a judgement.

Anonymous's picture is the ign review. Wii was slightly lower.

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360 version got 62% on Cheatcode Central.

Family friendly gave it 79% (not a rated site but still good)

Overall I would say it looks like Space Chimps is turning out to be one of the better games to come out of Australia recently.

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60% on Kidzworld

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40% (2.0 out of 5) on Video Game Talk
38% (1.9 out of 5) on Cheat Code Central (Wii)

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Nice to see an Australian company doing well. Based on what I've read so far, it looks like you've made a solid game.

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...was that sarcasm? or are you being serious??!

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They're likely crying all the way to the bank. :)

The ROI for plopping out titles with (what must be) minimal investment in time\staff\quality would probably be greater than many studios investing in AAA titles would see.

Somebody somewhere is reading these reviews and blowing their nose with Benjamins. ;P


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is ROI?

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Return on investment! You invest X amount, you get Y return. Expressed in percentage form.

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I might have to lock this thread before it gets any worse than it already is.

This thread has become just flamebait, and now we're bringing up people's names at Red Tribe to drag through the mud. I know there's probably only one or two of you who are continuing to bring this thread alive for whatever reason, but I'm pondering as to what exactly your motive is.

Red Tribe is a fairly young company, and their latest release has had a decent review from IGN. Kudos to them. In a time when many companies have trouble getting complete games on shelves and keeping the staff on the payroll, I'm impressed when any developer can manage to consistently get games on shelves. You might not think Red Tribe is shit hot, but I know they have some very talented folk on board, and with more experience and effort, I'm sure they're very much on the path to greater things. Name me a company that has released brilliant games from the outset, and I'll show you the exception rather than the rule. New companies take time to mature, for the talent to gestate and hone their skills.

I'm all for criticism of developers, but the negative ones here have not been constructive in any way. In fact, it's become downright embarrassing.

Let's put it this way. People submit their artwork here on Sumea / tsumea, even new comers - would you go into their comments and write that their work is crap / they suck etc? No, of course not. Constructive criticism is much more helpful, right. Why not provide the same courtesy to developers as well?

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I agree that the negative comments are not good.
I've only heard bad things coming from red tribe as a place to work. this is from multiple sources.

if those people in management really do lurk here, maybe they should try and do something about the work conditions there. that would improve staff morale and hopefully make better products.

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I am personally hoping their decision to license the game embyro license will help them create better projects in the future. Having a pre-made engine will relieve some burden they are most likely having in the tech department.

I also though have heard some bad "war" stories from red tribe, probably more than normal. Then again I've got my own "war" stories from one or two companies around, and still have a high amount of respect for the employees and can understand a company can have teething problems.

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REDTRIBE is a good company to work for. Space Chimps has been well received in general. We have excellent conditions and pay. 6 weeks paid vacations (an extra two weeks over Christmas), time of in lieu for overtime, plenty of projects including our own IP.

To the guy posting negative things about us, you just sound like someone with a grudge. Its getting a bit tired.

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Most places have time in lieu for overtime, part of victorian common law I believe that they have to provide it.

The question how much overtime is expected, is it the norm that time in lieu is expected (not suggesting that is or isn't the case at Red Tribe, don't know)

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I also believe It's common law for maternity leave to be provided to all women, but at the last women in games breakfast I attended It was a big issue that it wasn't in some game company's.

Just because something is expected doesn't mean it is always provided.

p.s Redtribe provides maternity leave -_^

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Space chimps is a solid game that reviewed well on a few important sites. Given the competition in the genre, they're doing an amazing job.

Overall it's one of the better titles to come out of Australia on the current generation of consoles.

Yes there may have been higher scoring games in the past that have come out of Australia, but that's the past and it's a lot more competative now.

I think that Australia will do well in the future because of the persistance of companies like redtribe.

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Krome provides time in lieu for overtime, maternity leave to both woman and men. Shrugs.

My new employer Infinite Interactive do the same. IR Gurus who I worked for a while ago, provided time in lieu for overtime.

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Lets wait and see on more reviews. Only been 2 review on metacritic at the moment.

I'm all for red tribe succeeding though.