I believe "w00t" is the term to use here

Went for an interview at Krome Studios today. Got a phone call a few hours later telling me I start on Monday :) I'm with the engine coding department, so I'm assuming I'll be able to get down and dirty with the console platforms they develop for (XBox, PS2, Gamecube), so that shall be interesting to say the least :)

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hey well done,


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Congratulations on reaching Krome-ite status!! [:)] [:)]

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Thanks :)

...heh, I've said that so many times today :P

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Well done, man!

Now just make sure you turn up on Monday with a shirt that says "Give Gazunta A Job" :)

Nah but seriously, that's excellent. Hey Souri, you should have a running tally on how many Sumea-ites have successfully made it to the other side...

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shotgun a position on that list. [:D]

: lachlan inglis

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"the other side", what, you mean programming gazunta?

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Congratulations goober :)
Always good to hear someone you semi-know get a job :)
CYer, Blitz

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As everyone else has already said, congratulations on your job man! Use your new found powers for good! Bury your emotions deep down, they do you credit, but they could be used to serve the err....forget it :)

Snootchie bootchies!
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Or just rock up with no shirt at all!... they're pretty laid back there at Krome.. [;)]

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Congrats, thats great news :)

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David: I mean being a part of the development side of the industry :)

At the moment I'm in the media side...and the grass is looking greener in development every day.

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Originally posted by Souri

Or just rock up with no shirt at all!... they're pretty laid back there at Krome.. [;)]

Hmm... that may only work for certain genders... Not sure I'd want a job that way....

Grats on the job!! Now you can work on getting them to help sponser Sumea?!

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Nah, I meant Gooberman should do that since he works there now. Just to fit in [;)]

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Welcome aboard, I thought I saw someone being showed around today, I'm on the top floor, if your a coder, I'm guessing that's where you'll be too, I have no idea tho, anyway, congrats man.


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With great power comes great responsi.... uh, hold on.... :P

Seriously though, thanks all, I'm looking forward to my first ever job in the industry :)

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Once again congrats goober. best of luck with the binary beers, boolean and builds . Have fun and represent AU's king-rad industry

Andrew Fitzsimon

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Sooooooooo... hows your first few days at Krome been then? [;)]

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Yeah, we want a full in depth report by week's end :-)

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chatted them up about sponsoring sumea? [:)]

: lachlan inglis
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So far it's been interesting... and at the moment I'm currently considering doing bad things to the maxsdk folder on my computer (damn thing I'm working on refuses to compile grumble grumble bleh)

Ethan Watson, teh brand spankin' new Krome employee.

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Out of interest what kind of example code did you supply them - what do you guys consider "reasonable" in terms of what to submit to show your ability when applying for jobs or hiring programmers for positions (game industry or otherwise) depending of course on which side of the dice you reside

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I supplied my Worms In Tanks code and an entity system I wrote for a third person shooter with example entities. The WIT code is GPL'd if you want to look at it: http://www.doomworld.com/doomarcade/downloads/amgos_wormsintanks_v0.95_s... and http://www.doomworld.com/doomarcade/downloads/amgos_wormsintanks_v0.95_b... for binaries and resources needed to run the game.

Ethan Watson, teh brand spankin' new Krome employee.