Motion Scanning

Are there any people out there that know about motion scanning and how it works. This is an integral element of game development these days and i need some questions answered.
Thank you in advance.

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Hi Zammo [:D]

Not sure whether your talking about,

Progressive motion scanning ( used to capture double the frames of normal picture - to remove motion artifacts on screen etc )


3d Scanning ( scanning face and body to help with modelling / texturing 3d models )


Motion Capture ( Retrieving motion data from actors / stuntspeople for animation use etc )

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Thanks for your reply.
I would have to say Motion Capture is the one that i am looking at here.
Do most gaming companies use an outside source for their motion capture projects as i understand that the cost involved is quite considerable or would they invest in the equipment?

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The cost of a motion capture suite varies considerably, from approx $20k up to something like the gypsy4 (for basic suites) which is approx $80k US dollars.

My advice would be to write a cost benefit analysis comparing the cost of a Mo-Cap Suite + someone to operate the equipment Vs the price of outsourcing.

Hope that helps [:D]