Team A: Yes actually, we are still here

Team A(wesome)'s Game

Given we've hit week six of our little get together, I thought I should promote ourselves a bit and let people know our game, our progress and our team. Strangely enough, we still haven't come up with a more awesome team name, so I guess I'll keep with Souri's revolutionary naming technique for now.

Team A Active Members:

Project Manager / Designer: Andrew Bittman (bittman)
Designer / Writer: Jarrod Penfold (Wednesday)
Designer: Josh Harvey (Sabre070)
Production: Sam Mayo (mayo)
Programmer: Craig Peebles (Zoid)
Programmer: Argirios Mavroudis (Argirios)
Programmer: Matthew Tuxworth (BattleElf)
Artist: Curtis (_CAD_)
Artist: Brad thomson (kit11)
Artist: Stein Lagim (Serashi)
Sound Designer: Jay Taylor (jay)

Independent Game: Death Metalé

Based off the high concept of developing a frantic space shooter with challenges generated from a player's own MP3, Death Metalé aims to converge music, visuals and challenges within the limitless space of Space.

Death Metalé's major selling point is the ability for player's to upload their own track/playlist and dive into challenges the game can provide based off your song. Imagine powerful enemies spawned from aggressive guitar chords of Black Betty by Spiderbait; imagine fireworks falling slowly over your ship to the melodic violins of Bittersweet Symphony by The View; imagine targets which pop onto the screen with every drumbeat of Canned Heat by Jamiroquai. This is a game which appeals to a wide audience and has a lot of room to develop outside of the original concept.

Week 5 Progress:

Though our sixth week together, it has only really been our second week properly working on Death Metalé. I should firstly note that the unaccounted weeks above are where we threw around concepts and clarified them to see how possible it was to go ahead with. We begun with 12 concepts, worked our way down to 7 to get a better idea of those 7 and finally decided to see whether it was feasible to make Death Metale given that audio analysis could be possibly game breaking. However, once everyone cleared it from their perspective, we begun work on Death Metale.

Given most of our full time commitments and online-only meetings, I make no pretenses to anyone reading this that progress is speed or infallible. However, we've already got a lot of tasks in the works, most importantly we already have a basic level of audio analysis, which we are working on improving upon and using to associate values with design ideas. We've also kick-started work on using Ogre 3D to develop our space fighter simulator, and artists have already thrown a few concept ship designs around for thought.

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Sounds like you've got a solid team and idea happening! Can't wait to see how the game progresses. All the best, guys!

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Fingers crossed we can show you guys a prototype, GDD or some art as it progresses soon.

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Things are looking good, slowed down a bit over Easter break but that was to be expected.

Quite possibly we should have a playable prototype within a fortnight which I will put here for people to view and comment upon. I'll do it probably with another update, any art we have by then, and possibly a properly documented GDD (it's currently spread across a wiki, but I should try compile it to throw alongside this package).