Relic has hidden message for EA

From Relic's "Company of Heroes" game..

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..... Ok that's one young texture artist who's first job is about to vapourise into thin air...

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hopefully not. <.< personaly i think we need this kin of humor. It's a hidden message thats pritty hard for anyone who just plays a few casual games to notice. So the texture artist can always content that he just put 6 random numbers and letters into the texture and was none-the-wiser.

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Then again it's not often I want to purchase a game based solely on playing only a few minutes of the demo.

Relic have done great things for the RTS genre with Dawn of War and now Company of Heroes.

Let's see if EA can match their level of quality and innovation with the in production Red Alert 3.

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Seriously Caroo, don't go getting inspired by that when you land an industry job, its fine for relic, they're relic, but that kind of thing could cost an aussie company millions and lose you your career. Unless they're doing their own IP's an aussie company is generally fighting for scraps because the publishers know the best experience and their best licenses are overseas so it really doesn't take much for them to pull a plug. I've been dealing directly with US publishers a fair bit lately and although they're certainly not the devil like what a lot of people believe, they are still hardcore, and you'd be surprised what even a slip of the tongue could do, a little self righteous, pre-meditated snip like that could do a whole lot more than you think, it could shut down a company. They've got egos these guys, and a lot of money and power.

I know its a laugh and all that kind of thing, but leave it to the guys who can afford to do it.

Sorry to bring this thread down.

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Sounds like Jacky is rather paranoid... you must be working for either a jaded publisher, or a young company that a large publisher is taking a risk on....interesting.

I think that for to long, developers have been bullied by publishers and the 'big' guys. There is nothing wrong with a little friendly humour such as that, and I think that EA would have bigger things to worry about than some texture artist's joke.

If it turned out that the same texture artist was an ex-employee of EA, then I could see a problem - but not otherwise.

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Can't comment directily on the games industry, but I have heard of marketing contracts being lose due to equally 'small' issues. I suspect Jackydablunt's sentiments might be not far off the truth, and I wouldn't be supprised it the texture artist found themself without a job at the end of the project. The irony being if the message was a different one, maybe the artist would have been up for a pay-rise instead for implementing such a cleaver idea!

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It's truly sad that we're so moody about this sort of stuff... I think it's hilarious, and I'd keep that artist on the payroll if I were running Relic.

Not quite as subtle as the EA-bashing in Ultima VII though.

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I'm not paranoid at all, and the Publisher rep I talk with is legitly a good guy, I quite like him, we joke around no problem, hopefully we'll be heading out together when he gets here soon. I don't get why everything someone says has to be read as a projection all the time.

I'm just warning the people here wanting to get into the industry to just be careful of doing this kind of thing, its just so very hard to get into this gig, and employees of lower exp are susceptable to making light mistakes that cost them dearly. I'd just hate to see a few people on here who have tried very hard, get it then lose it over something like that.

Like I said, I'm sorry for bringing the mood down, I'll keep it to myself in future.

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Yeah..It reminds me of the show Transformers: Beast Wars. This show was one of the first fully 3D on TV. But even they got to get away with things. Megatron having a rubber-ducky on his energon bath. Optimus prime having sun glasses as he says "Asta lavesta baby? small things in many respects could get an animator fired.

But they never got fired. In fact the rubber ducky joke continued onwards.

Jokes and small hints in media is fun, as it requires you to be a fan of the show or game to spot this stuff out. If were forced to make absolutely "you can't make jokes" games. Then your going to get a lot of jaded devs who will go out of their way in their free time to make anti-games [games that take the shit out on something like a publisher]

I can just imagine an "anonymous" source making a mod where you infiltrate EA HQ to blow the heads off the executives.. You got some pent up rage their buddy!

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I'm assuming that Relic had no problems with this swipe on EA at all because I can't imagine it getting past so many people during development (assuming there's a dedicated texture artist -> modeller (checking mapping), creative director (quality control), others in the dev team reviewing and testing builds, QA testers) etc

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Feel free to 'bring the mood down' anytime you have a valid point to make in the future Jackdablunt. I think some of the others here have underestimated how fiercely corporate entities guard their name and reputation.

I assumed it would have been the opposite Souri. One of those things that you do as a joke thinking it will be picked up then somehow is overlooked/forgotten! It is amazing what people overlook- I've seen people fail to see errors on their own mobile number whilst proofing a business card. And the best example I can think of is SA licence plates. Briefly the tag line was 'SA, going all the way'. Made it into production before their was public outcry about the sexual interpretation!

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quote:Originally posted by Soul

It's truly sad that we're so moody about this sort of stuff... I think it's hilarious, and I'd keep that artist on the payroll if I were running Relic.

Not quite as subtle as the EA-bashing in Ultima VII though.

Those were the days.. :P

Edit: not that I'd encourage such behaviour..

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Meh i think its pretty lame...

"SA, going all the way" lol!

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Anyone see the news recently of EA finalising the purchase of DICE just a few days ago? They've closed down DICE Canada just hours after completing the buyout.

[quote]On the morning of Oct 2nd hours after EA finalized the buyout of DICE, it closed the Canadian subsidiary DICE Canada (Developers of BF: Vietnam and BF2: Special forces). There where 28 employees at the Canadian office.[/quote] - Bluesnews

Damn, that's cold.Souri2006-10-04 12:05:20

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Holy blind-siding bovines Batman! did you read the linked story Souri?

I hope the staff weren't fed the same guff that EA and DICE representatives told the media.

dug a bit further:

hmmm, on second read I think it might be not as bad as my initial interpretation - the article suggests at least some staff have continued to work under the banner of EA. A case of journalistic slant to maximise 'EA bashing' sentiments... still, a shame for the 'non-management' workers who would have gotten the shove in the aquisition.JohnN2006-10-04 20:16:09