"Substantial" doubt over Atari's future

GameIndisutry.biz reports some worrying signs for Atari, and suggests the outlook is pretty grim for the US publisher. As we all know, French publishing giant, Infogrames, resurrected the Atari name back in 2001 and renamed its US subsidiary to Atari Inc (and the European operations to Atari Europe).
I didn't want to post this on the front page because it's all speculation as to what this means to Atari Melbourne House (if anything at all). I'm guessing Atari Melbourne House doesn't have anything to do with Atari other than sharing the Atari name and being a subsidiary of Infogrames.


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Does anyone have any further news regarding Melbourne House?

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quote:Originally posted by jimellis

Does anyone have any further news regarding Melbourne House?

Atari had listed Melbourne House as one of several studios they were interested in selling to cut costs and presumably recoup some cash.

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There haven't been any more updates apart from the press releases and a CEO interview from two months ago which say that studios will be sold once they finish their projects. So we'll probably hear more when Melbourne House finish their port of Test Drive: Unlimited.