Mame cabinet

Has anyone built their own Mame arcade cabinet? Ever since the Game On party and seeing all the old arcade games I love, I've been dying for a Mame cabinet for the backyard. Because I have no carpentry skills whatsoever, I've been thinking of a pre-built cabinet with everything assembled, like this one:

Unfortunately, I'm flat out broke, and that machine isn't a Mame machine (I don't see a PC in there emulating Mame, and I don't think you can add more games), but the cabinet looks pretty kick arse.

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I've toyed around with the same idea Souri. I occasionally get fired up and look into making a table-top style one (I think they are called cocktail cabinets). It would be an awesome casual gaming setup in my mind.

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These look a little cheaper than the one you showed, Souri... And I think you can put multiple games in some of them, although I haven't really looked into it (merely day-dreamed):

They have DIY cocktail cabinets here:

And this is a cheap stand-up DIY that looks a little dodgey, but could float some people's boats:

Oh, to have the money, space, and marital freedom to set up some arcade machines...


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i have a mame low-bow arcade cabinet..

they are awsome and a smash hit at any party..

but im not talking to mine currently cos it gave me 240 volts..

be carefull with the monitors in them... they can be nasty

and damn!! even with unlimited credits i have not been able to finish ghost and gouls (or is it ghosts and goblins..can never remember)

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I have a spare desktop computer (with only one joypad) which I'm using as a Mame machine. I just need 3 more joypads, but these things don't seem to last very long >:(... I'm going for cheap and not building a cabinet. I'm placing it on a small desk with some comfy sofas instead, and it seems to be working out fine :D

Ghouls and ghosts would be the hard one. I think the PSP version is notoriously difficult, and has dishearted many a Ghost 'n Goblins fan. Ghost 'n Goblins is/was easy. I got to the final two demons on one credit back in the day.

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I read that CRT monitors should be treated with great caution at all times. They apparently have capacitors that retain dangerous levels of charge well after the monitor has been disconnected from a power source!

I always sucked at Ghosts & Goblins... Must have lacked some basic tactic or skill.