MotorStorm e3 trailer was completely rendered

I saw this at 1up and thought it was interesting...

I remember being wowed at that trailer, seeing all the bits fall off a car as it crashed and tumbled. Anyway, the MotorStorm lead designer has revealed that the trailer was completely rendered by another studio that specialises in that stuff called Real Time, and that they didn't even know the specs of the PS3 until Sony announced it at e3, just shortly before the MotorStorm trailer was first shown.

I found the comment that Phil Harrison said to the MotoStorm developers was pretty harsh though. "You guys are the worst in the world...." !

I wouldn't be surprised if the initial Killzone 2 trailer was completely rendered as well, although they seem to be matching up or even surpassing the visual details of that in the real game.

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Yeah, that's pretty well known in the industry. I worked at sony london when Killzone 1 was in production and yes it was pre-rendered. Also the, now canned, Getaway 3 and 8 days trailers were completely pre-rendered as well. Actually 8 Days was put together by Sony Imageworks

Listen to Phil's Dialogue though he never actually says this is "in game" footage, he was happy to let you think it was though:)

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It's false advertising on Sony's part, and I find it disgusting.

They knew that a lot of consumers were going to be mistaken that it was either in-game or an accurate representation of how in-game was going to look.

Sony obviously thinks we're fools.