Alan Wake screenshots

There's some hi-res ingame screenshots of Alan Wake on the Alan Wake website and it's looking fantastic indeed. I'm having the same anticipation of this game as I did a few years ago for S.T.A.L.K.E.R which looked very pretty and was rich in detail of the area/world which had day / night / cloudy shifts in lighting. I still don't know much about the gameplay though, and all these points are the same as with Alan Wake.

Also worth checking out is the Alan Wake presentation on an Intel quad core cpu.

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wow, funny you mentioned stalker, I thought the exact same looking at the environments.

Alan Wake is looking nice, it'll be interesting to see if it's going to be a fresh take on the genre or not.

And speaking of Stalker, Still waiting for that game to come out too... have a heap of work in the cinematics which is getting really aged now :(

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Alan Wake looks surprisingly like Mafia .. hope it plays as well too.

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It should sound good too using fmod as the audio engine

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Alan Wake looks like such a nice world/environment to muck around with. I hope Remedy are going to offer some modding or machinema capabilities for it, or at the very least provide what they did for Max Payne 2 (which wasn't much, but it was something). It'll be a shame if they didn't otherwise. Sure, there'll be the throwaway mods that will be all about trick jumps and other trivial things, but sooner or later, some smart gem will make something interesting with it, particularly with those destructable buildings and environment / physics effects.

I'm surprised that the Unreal Engine 3 seems to have garnered most of the attention / licenses over some of the other engines around. Alan Wake's engine by Remedy and the Crysis engine is much more aesthetically pleasing to me. It's probably mostly due to the lighting that lets the UE3 engine down a lot - I haven't seen a good example of it doing a decent daylight scene yet. Gears of War is taken place mostly in the night, but the few shots seen of UT2k7 and other games using UE3 (Huxley etc) have some pretty weak lighting when things take place during the day.

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Some of those environment shots are just breathtaking.

Psychological thriller ... . yea I?m not keen on the scare my self stupid for no reason thing (something I can do quite easily .. dam you scary things) I can say for certain I wont be playing this game :( which is a shame cause it looks really pretty.

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Yikes... Alan Wake is going to require a beast of a machine to run nicely... [quote]The developers have stated that the game will not run on any single-core platform, although it might just about work (with reduced graphics and physics, of course) on a Pentium-4 with Hyper Threading enabled. What the game has been thus far demoed on has been a heavily overclocked 3.73 GHz Core 2 Quad system.[/quote]

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Ow. That hurts me.

It hurts me in the wallet.

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Looking forward to this game. I like Psychological thrillers. Hearing that the game wont feature HUD is also good news imo. And about time I put my shiny new Intel Core 2 to use :)

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Yeah this game should be fat. @ it say's you will also need vista along with a beefy machine, but I guess we will all have that come 2008.


KILLA DEE2006-12-20 04:10:54