3d Artist/Developer - Lumen Digital Studio


Submitted by Lumen Digital Studio

Lumen is a group of designers, programmers and concept developers who specialise in interaction design and storytelling in the science, culture, and heritage sectors.

We are looking for a motivated 3D Artist/Developer to work in our Wellington, New Zealand studio.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The 3D Artist/Developer will take responsibility for the design and build of a range of projects. Projects can vary in scope so the 3D Artist/Developer may be required to:

- Develop 3D content including models, textures and shaders for use in OpenGL based 3D engines

- Develop rapid prototypes for testing and sign-off

- Liaise with designers and contractors to develop interactive solutions

- Create procedural and generative visualisation and user-interaction feedback systems, both general and specific

- Assist with the setup and support of the studio network and computer systems and rendering pipeline

- Continue to learn new software tools and to expand knowledge in interaction design technologies

The ideal candidate will have a strong technical and practical background, complemented with an inquisitive, creative mind, strong lateral thinking skills, and the ability to see beyond practical bounds. They could have studied both computer science or art to tertiary level, and possess the desire and the skill to extract the best from both, in order to communicate with the public through software.

A solid understanding of Maya or Max and the ability to program are essential skills. Knowledge of Aftereffects, LUA, the OpenGL shading language, and software design principles, combined with experience in collaborative project environments, would be beneficial.

To apply, email: info@lumendigital.co.nz