Sumea Challenge #7 - IronhideNT- Challenger #7


Alright this time I'll make a real effort to post regularly with my progress. Hopefully with the time allocated, I'll finish!

I sketched up 3 concepts - one of each class. I had like these stories for these guys, but I won't blab and I'll keep it brief.

On the left it's the light guy. He has practically no armour to maximise his use of bionic legs.

The middle is sorta based around Curtin's concept, sorta with the Arabic mysterious influence.

And finally on the right is the heavy character. I came up with her playing around with these shapes and it needs work but there's something there I reckon.

Anyhow, I don't know which one to go for yet so it would be great if everyone could critique and comment on them please! After that I'll begin to concentrate on one and go for it.


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They are all good concepts. I think I like the second one the best, which would make for a cool model, but the last one is also very unique which is a plus. It?s a tough choice since they are all cool!

If you were going to go for the last one, I think the concept might need a bit more fleshing out. I don?t know about those arms.

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Did you take pictures of your sketch book with a digital camera? Genius! Now I know how to get my concepts posted. Tidy sketches too.

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Hey, thanks for your responses, and yes I don't have a scanner so all my drawings you see on Sumea is from a digi cam!

Alright there was something in the heavy woman concept, but since there were enough heavies in capable hands, I switched the basic design to a "light" soldier.

I've done a colour study of the character and I hope it's still in the "urban primitive" style of curtins and sumeacools. It works in red and blue and has those glowy bits everyone's talking about.

What do you guys reckon? Does it follow the game look and feel? Need opinions!

By the way, do I have to design the weapons for it too?

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I find it hard to imagine how this creature would walk looking at the physicality of it's legs, it's hard to make out whether it can actually bend at it's knees or not. If you're going for the bird/raptor style of leg try shortening the lower limb and lengthening the mid limb. I like it overall but maybe needs some refining.

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not a great fan of the colour scheme but the designs neat, personally id investigate a few variation on the shoulders though and pick which you like best

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Hey IronhideNT,

I like where you're going with the design of the 'light', and i think perhaps you could push it even further.

But I agree with Wizenedoldman that the legs need to articulate better, and to me it looks a bit top-heavy with those retro shoulder pads. Although, i could see it working if the 'light' walked and ran more like a dog and only stood up to attack and to look ahead (Like a Meerkat) [:D]
Maybe the design of the light class makes it the least human looking of the three, because it's built for speed and reconaissance? You could push the form to be more dog like, or expand on your original drawings for the heavy and bring in multi-jointed arms?

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Hey thanks for your responses, they were helpful!

Actually puck I was heading down the animal deformation path, but I was thinking more insect like a grasshopper. I was also debating what type of head this thing should have. I originally planned for a scary looking human head, but as you said, it may not fit the design very well. hmmmm.

I had to get on the modelling stage so here's just an overall shape of the concept into 3D plus the various changes that everyone suggested.

Yeah, the mesh is ugly but I was wondering what you guys thought of the look of it overall?

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I hope you don't take this the wrong way but I think the legs look kinda goofy at the moment. Maybe it's the rounded bend at the back, are they going to be mechanical? Because if they are maybe it would look better if there was a mechanical joint there instead of a rubbery like bend. The body armour looks pretty cool. I'm not sure I like the arms though, a little thin. Anyway that's just my opinion. cheers.

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yeah the original version where the legs went into a sort of new armour set on the lower leg does look a lot better then just rubbery bends. I thought the human ish head looked allright but in retrospect i suppose its sort of non sensical, pad out a couple of ideas i suppose.

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Yeah thanks for picking that up guys! Seemed like I totally forgot my concept while modeling. Ah well.

Here's a new update I've been working on and it's 3376 polys with abit more refining to go.

Right now the arms are sticking into a hole on the main body armour - it's actually not attached to anything. It's all good but on occaions you can see through the gap between the arm and the armour. Is there a way game models get around this problem to patch it up?

Once again feedback on the character would be great.

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That's looking cool, is he all robotic now or does he have organic bits to him like in the original concepts?

I wouldn't worry too much about seeing the gap between the arm and armour, I'd imagine it's very rare you see that close up when playing UT, though you may have some issues with the arm crashing through the armour at the more extreme poses. Again, this will be hard to pick up in UT anyway. I know that a few of the UT models that come with the game have the same issues with arms crashing through shoulders, and they've solved it by sticking huge shoulder pads on the character so you can't see it :)

Maybe now would be a good time to do a quick rig to see how it all works?

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Hey Damien thanks for your advice!

Yeah, compared to my original idea it's gone more robotic than I wanted. But somehow, it looked okay in my sketches, but when I did it in 3D it was beginning to look strange ...guess I need more experience.

Cause there's not long to go I've told myself to go ahead with unwrapping and texturing. Now I haven't fully decided on the colour scheme, but I was playing around and came up with this:

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What do you guys reckon? It's meant to be a female type thing.

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Texturing wasn't really working for me and I've figured it's because the design's a little shoddy. I've reworked the modeling side of things to try to get a more feminine look out of her. Gone are the "I'm about to take off" shoulder pad wings and replaced with a more subtle fabric cape. I also got rid of the head shell with a spikey anime type pony tail thing. Anyway its 3470 polys and there's no turning back now....I hope!

Does fabric have to be attached to the model?

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PM kez about the fabric stuff, he'd be the person to ask. I like the new shoulder pads though, but it does make it look like the torso could be scaled down just a bit

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Really cool character design!

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Alright here we go again.

In typical me fashion I have remodeled parts of it again and re-unwrapped them. Now when I look back at it, her body did look too big, so thanks for picking that up! She's got a more "small but quick" feel that I wanted so yeah, modelling is done done done!

Now texturing. I don't really understand UT2k4, but if I read those UDN docs correctly, I'll be using spec maps - is that okay? Also do I have to paint in the glowy bits myself or does UT2k4 magically do it for me?

I've just roughly blocked in the colours for the moment. Any feedback will be great!

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After a horror couple of weeks I'm back on this thing. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll finish!

Here is more texturing progress on my character. I have to put in more detail, shadows, etc.

Comments and suggestions would be great again!

I'm still confused as to whether or not I have to model a weapon of some sort???? Also is it due on Friday the 1st or Sunday the 3rd?

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I like where that texturing/colour scheme is going IronhideNT. Don't know about the deadline, I have the same confusion...I hope it is the 3rd - would be cruel to end just before a weekend (being a last opportunity to finish up details for most people.)

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Oooo the rush of trying to get things finished! But yay I'm done! I've only used a colour map just in case we can't use specs and I've added the insignias of Curtin's concepts.

Thanks everyone for helping me out and good luck to all the challengers!

1. 1024x512 pixel default software lit orthograpics


2. 1024x512 pixel untextured wireframe


3. 1024x512 uvw wire layout of character and head


4. 1024x512 version of your texture flats of character/head.


5. 800x600 money shot which can be lit and posed


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You're challenger #7!

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Congrats IronhideNT, great unwrap and very cool moneyshot!

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yeah thats a real neat money shot, good luck!

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cool stuff, great model backed up by solid texturing. i really like the profile of it, the upper torso has a very nice feel to it in particular. good luck

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Schweet mate! Love the money shot.