The tsumea creatives?

What are the Tsumea Creatives?

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It's a list of users on sumea. I.e. Game developers and potential game developers.

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It's a memberlist page that shows a few member related stuff. We used to have this on the old site.

Also, if you're not showing up on the list and you want to, you need to make sure that:

1. You've selected Australia or New Zealand as your country.

2. If you've selected Australia, you need to put down NSW, VIC, or QLD as your state/province. In fact, if you're from say NSW, type in N and let the textbox autofill it for you so it puts in the correct tag.

The memberslist for that page gets updated once a day, so changes aren't immediate.

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It didn't put me on yet.. I might have to wait a few more hours...

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I just checked the log, and just remembered that I changed this to weekly. No need for it to update the entire list once every day! Last update was on the 9th so it's scheduled to update next Monday.

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Ok, just wait then..