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A 24-YEAR-old South Korean man died after playing computer games nonstop for 86 hours, Korean police have said.

86 hours!*@!.. the most I could ever do is probably 7-8 hours. I hardly think a game could be responsible for that guys death. It's surprising that you can play games at cafe's there for that long..

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pussy. should have picked a game that you can finish sooner. good training is to rent a game for the weekend and finish it.... (though have only done this twice, working in a games office ment could watch other people play)

then again i have never gone more than 54 hours without sleep...

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Think of it as weeding out the human genepool. Okay, not really but if you do anything for 84 hours without sleep you will f*ck yourself up. Unless you count sleeping. Or comas.

On a more serious note, it's a shame and the press will have a field day. Video games get enough crap without this sort of stuff.

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Actually, in the articles i've read on this (well, one article really as it all came from the same source), no-one has actually blamed games for anything, they've just stated the facts. So i wouldn't go being to critical of the press (at least in this instance) until they actually go off their rocker :)
CYer, Blitz

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Well, the title of the article was "Game blamed for man's death", and I think it's enough to imply that games are harmful.. gotta love the media, hey! Have a look at Ausgamers ( ), there's a news item that mentions an NBC report blaming Counterstrike for those Washington sniper murders.. [:P]

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In canberra, we often organise big weekend lans to go to. 72hr Lan, i had work on Saturday, i had to sleep at least once and i had dozens of coke cans handy. He must have been on something to last so long

The universe is big so don't complain

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Well its no surprise, the mass media has always looked for a scape goat for all of societies ills. You can blame reporters praying on the "masses" with crap like this, it's because the masses demand a scape goat, and at the moment games is it. The Media it self is not concerned about truth and in this day and age, ratings and income are it. Therefore doing this sort of thing is natural survival instinct for them.

Although some people know better, what is there to say. Remember statics show 50% of the populatio is below average ;)

I played poker with a Tarot deck the other night. I got a full house and four people died.

--Steven Wright.

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78% of people say that statistics don't prove anything

The universe is big so don't complain

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263% of statistics are wrong

Chris Bowden

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Statistics consist of

22% Knowledge
52% Assumption
42% Unpredictability
With a error margin of 10-100%

100% chance of PAIN, in the GLAVEN