First PC Unreal Engine 3 Game Released

And you can buy it of Steam for $14.95(US) which is like $19 Australian.

It's RoboBlitz, and from various reports, the Unreal Engine 3 editor is included, as well as Kismet (the scripting tool which allows you to create complex games. Mark Rein said that you could make a Tetris game with it, for example).

Anyway, Unreal Tournament 2007 hasn't been given an official release date yet but I'm assuming that it's still a while off yet, so this is a really nice and relatively inexpensive way to get accustomed to the Unreal Engine 3 in the meantime. The RoboBlitz developers are putting up a modding wiki soon which will be very handy indeed. More details in their forum.

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sweet stuff. I like the premice and design of the game. And good use of Unreals feature sets.

Definately impressed.

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WOOOT!1 Ive been waiting to get my hands on unreal engine 3's editor for ages.

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I downloaded the demo, and then... found out that it won't work with my gfx card. I was hoping it would fall back and support it, but oh well. Time to upgrade Maybe when Quake Wars gets released though!

I think the developers of RoboBlitz are going to get a lot more sales of their game due to a lot of people wanting to try out the UE3 editor. I'm not sure if that was part of the plan, but it's one I think Epic should have considered doing themselves. Release the tools and a smaller scaled game (something really cool like Team Fortress or Portal for example) at a reasonable price ($20 is very reasonable!) and prepare the modding community while the main game (UT2K7) is still underway.

Having said that, I've read elsewhere that the tools were still a very work in progress, with some features still very unstable. There was some developer complaints I've read elsewhere, most responding to an unofficial complaint from the developers of some UE3 based game which I have forgotten the name of.

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I know that I'm planning to grab this just to play around with the UE3 tools, definitely a good business plan on this companys part. :)

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I cant wait to check out Unrealed4 :)

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Hey can some1 point me towards good reference/links for Kismet and the new Ued? Or is it all hidden at UDN for engine licensees only?

KILLA DEE2006-11-09 17:40:19

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Had a bit of a play around with it today, made a basic map and added some dynamic lights. The interface is similar but almost all the underlying systems have changed compred to UE2. It will take a lot of learning...but it'll also be quite enjoyable :D

I'll have to use it more to get a proper impression.

The RoboBlitz devs are answering questions and giving tips on the BeyondUnreal forums.nexx2006-11-11 01:18:02

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Really looking forward to UnrealED as well. Guess I'll upgrade next year, I suppose. Well, buy a new system. But yeah.