MANY varied job openings at Blue Tongue


Blue Tongue's a new redesigned website up, and along with some new job openings..


Currently, Blue Tongue is hiring in several different areas, looking for eager, talented and creative people. Experience within the industry is always a plus, but we like raw talent too. If you have any questions regarding any of these positions, or whether your skill set might fit into our industry, please contact our HR Department, at

Current Openings

Software Engineers
2D Concept Artists
3D Artists
3D Modelers
Project Managers
If you have skill with 3D Studio Max, especially with animation, then we are very interested in hearing from you. And even if you are not, we are still interested in hearing from you.

As one of Australia's premier video game developers, Blue Tongue offers the unique opportunity to work on top titles, with major licenses (Jurassic Park for example), and also on developing new franchises (games, tv, movies, etc.)

We offer an environment that is challenging and intense, but also quite a bit of fun (we do make games after all). Blue Tongue also has a very diverse culture, with employees from all over the world, with a wide range of backgrounds and experience.

As a member of Blue Tongue, you will be able to truly hone your skills, gain amazing industry experience and be a part of a team that is going to have a significant impact on the video game industry in the years to come.

davidcoen's picture

is it me or it the bluetongue job email not working...

souri's picture

What happens? did bounce?

Tex's picture

Where is bluetounge located? i cant find any details on their web site?

souri's picture

They're in Melbourne.. I don't know their address though.

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Yer, their email bounced.


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I've sent an email to Muzboz who works there.. hopefully he can help out with what to do.

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I'm looking into it.

Thanks for telling me about it, Souri.


- Murray

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The job email that we have is subjected to many many SPAM attacks every day, so we have a number of spam preventative measures that block SPAM.

If you do not have correctly set up servers, then your email _will_ bounce...

That being said, you can always call the office directly on 03 9320 8888 and speak to the HR department directly who will give you an email address that is more configuration tolerant.

We will be closed December 23 2002 to Jan 6th 2003...


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The emails should have more luck getting through now, so please try again if you have not had any luck in the past...

- Murray