Have a look at this game!


Check out the screenshots of this game.. It's looking awesome! Definately one to look out for.

Incidently, I was thinking about writing a tutorial on creating low polygon trees and shrubbery - using references on the different types of models seen in various games, but looking at these screenshots, you can see that low polygon trees are becoming a thing of the past.. trees and shrubs are certainly looking much more interesting and are starting to look more real, and appear to have volume ! [:)] (hey, it wasn't long ago when trees were two disecting planes with a tree texture stamped on it!).. [8)]

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Pretty nice
although when i looked at the ut2 trees in the demo they looked pretty simple. Also the trees in that game may just use some clever trick to make them look complex.

Bloody hell its a giant harmonica!

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Stalker looks mighty nice, cant wait for it.
Souri definatly write a tut for trees, thats one thing I've never tried my hand at, in-fact I'll take a shot at making a tree tonight. Stalker uses normal maps doesnt it? If anyone has any tuts or info making them, post it here, I know the basic principle, what I dont get is the whole edge loop thingy, I dont know what they are. If somone could explain them in terms a moron can understand that would be great :)

Lead paint: delicious but deadly!

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I don't think I'll make a tutorial on that now. The games that are coming up now use so much more polygons for trees that it's really up to the modeller has the freedom to come up with many creative ways to get them to look like they do.
I kinda get thefeeling though that we're gonna see a lot more 'forest' levels in games.. I mean, you can do probably 4 types of trees, and 4 types of grass and shrubs - and wala.. instant forest.