Sumea Challenge #7 - a harvey - Challenger #13

WOW!!! I finished.. amazing.. it's been a long day.. :P

No doubt I forgot something ><

Anyway.. here she is.. I'm sorry I didn't join in the forums much guys.. have been soo busy lately :S

She is a sprinter (light/covert class). The armour is light and.. well kinda un-necessarily revealing.. but hey.. I am an artist!! I have a license!! hehe. She is primarily designed for running.. hence the focus of mechanical armour on the legs. Apart from that her upper body is protected be a strong magnetic field (on her chest) that is effective at repelling objects with high energy, but low momentum such as sniper fire.. however weak vs heavy weapons. She carries a sniper rifle.
There are a lot of things I would like to fix, but simply ran out of time.
I also made a weapon, but it wasn't really to standard so I thought it would be probably better to leave it out. I really wanted to focus a lot on her money shot >< but again ran completely out of time. I have heard some of the other guys talk about finishing that later? Well anyway if that is an option I would definitely like to do that also.

I know she is a little stereotype.. but actually I started with another concept and it wasn't working for me so I started over with this.

This was the headless concept I started with:

[img] harvey/20057384937_sumeaconcept2.jpg[/img]

[img] harvey/20057385628_mech-foot.jpg[/img]

This is how she turned out:
(All textures are handpainted (no photo refrence)). I used a VISUAL refrence for the eye.
I thought for team colour the hue could be adjusted on the second mat (seemed to work ok).

[img] harvey/20057385113_shade2.jpg[/img]

[img] harvey/2005738524_shade.jpg[/img]

[img] harvey/20057385242_wire.jpg[/img]

[img] harvey/20057385324_textures.jpg[/img]

[img] harvey/20057385512_textwire.jpg[/img]

[img] harvey/20057385544_money.jpg[/img]

Here are the original unfinished concepts:

[img] harvey/20057385728_sumea-man3.jpg[/img]

This is where I left the first model:

[img] harvey/2005738583_archive3.jpg[/img]

***--- Have a look at the images below for more detail.. I realised after I finished that it is really difficult to see any detail in the shots above. The images below are also on full illumination ---***

Thanks :) Have to run..


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Congratulations, you're challenger #13!

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Just thought I should add some closer shots for judging purposes (Can't really see a whole lot at that res). The images are on full illumination.

[img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] Download Attachment: [url=" harvey/20057574440_FIlegs.jpg"]FIlegs.jpg[/url]
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[img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] Download Attachment: [url=" harvey/20057574512_FIface.jpg"]FIface.jpg[/url]
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[img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] Download Attachment: [url=" harvey/20057574531_FItorso.jpg"]FItorso.jpg[/url]
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Just thought it might make things a bit easier.

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I should say all WIP for this project are available if anyone wants.

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Alex, man! u got an entry into the comp! wow!Very nice btw, That armor looks painful, always great to see ya work, cya soon.