tsumea modeller challenge #10: Ian Kissell

hey all, hope its not too late for a new "challenger" to enter the fray? the competition seems like a fun idea, and good practice, too.
i still need to brainstorm so, stay tuned

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Hey, ok, so, i've been pretty slack lately, with very little ideas for a realistic, gritty, "super" villain and stuff, but i've got some ideas, still a little sketchy in some places, but ideas none the less! no sketches yet, though, so i thought i may as well post an update, and run a few of my ideas past you guys, so here, today, for your amusement, i give you (drum roll please):

"Villain #01": i was thinking this guy calls himself "Rex", and maybe he's king of one of the circles of the criminal underworld. clearly this guy would be quite the mastermind, behind all manner of dastardly plots and devious schemes to undermine the city's "powers that be" so to speak, and allow organised crime to... et cetera, et cetera. you get the general idea, im sure. his well-known status among the hierarchy of the criminal underworld would probably make him a target for young, inexperienced, and even seasoned veteran "heroes" (and villains) trying to make a name for themselves.
i thought perhaps he has a pet cat, because we all know cats are synonymous with evil, however, while rather large (and potentially deadly) for a domestic cat, it is by no means a giant man-eating monster of the jungle. im thinking its more like a monster of the concrete kind of jungle, not so much a pet, but rather a psychotic blood-thirsty killer that wanders in from time to time whenever there is pending or immediate violence, to "enjoy the show".

Aaand in this corner we have "villain #02": (possibly code/nicknamed "twisted"?) ok, so this guy is of questionable sanity, even before the "accident" that made him who he is today, back when he dealt in all kinda nasty, under-handed dealings. i am of course, referring to the incident that caused the partial blindness in his left eye, resulting in his brand-new, twisted (and you see where i got the "name" from) and skewed perspective on the world. as happens to all who "deal in the shadows" in this fair city, among others, the deal went bad, things were said, accusations made, possibly relating to mothers, and inevitably, bullets exchanged. one bullet in particular glanced of Monsieur Twisted's quite expensive pair of shades, specs, sun-blaster's, call them what you will, the bullet ricocheted off, nicking his ear on the way past. needless to say, the hot lead, broken glass, plastic or metal that made the glasses so durable, severely damaged the area around his left eye. however, having taken his depth-perception for granted, he didnt get far without it, and subsequently was picked up by the police. he got off on a technicality, (ah lawyers, whatever would the accomplished criminal do without them?) the doctors managed to save his eye, resulting in only partical (yet twisted) blindness. the killer joke is, that sometime between when he got caught, and then released, he watched one of those 3d films with the carboard and cellophane specs, and seemed to find something funny about the red lens on the left.... now he's back to his old tricks, and a few new ones too, with a nifty new pair of (bulletproof!) 3d glasses. calling card could be a pair of el-cheapo 3d glasses left with a message like "see you next wednesday" scrawled in blood or something.

My original idea for the 3d glasses was actually more of a "grim reaper" kind of character, wearing some shades that lit up underneath the hood on his hoodie, to make himself look more sinister, and hide his identity, while being able to move quickly without tripping on the edge of the trenchcoat (no capes!) i thought he would be a manipulative killer, mastermind or something, might still try to develop the idea a little more.

I also had an idea for a villain who used an electrical cable as a whip or something, "the cable guy"? something to do with electronics? explosives? i can see a pair of huge rubber gloves with wires and things wrapped around his arms to allow him to "safely" work on all kinda electrical and explosive devices.

The costume or outfit should probably tell someone who the character is, and what he does, although not exactly what he's capable of, as for weapons... firearms and knives seem to be a good place to start, oh, and the cable-whip-thingy.

Ok, so tell me what you think. ill try and have some sketches or something up quicksmart.

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Should be interesting to see some concept for these ideas. At least the deadline is nice an long.

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Perhaps the 2 villains come together as one. you ccould use the first character description as his back story. then character suffers a life changing event like getting shot in the face while at a 3d Movie and we end up with twisted. I like the larger then your average cat idea to it would be good to keep that some how. maybe twisted where a coat made from alley cat skins.

I am sure that you could fine some images of feral cats as reference, some of those cats get pretty big. if you do show us what you find.

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hey thanks seb, ive been trying to think of a way to combine both ideas together, but it seems like certain elements just wont mesh. ill keep working on it and see what i can come up with, though.

as for the alley cat skins, i wouldnt have thought of that! heh. it seems like it would emphasize his craziness, which is always good. i did get an idea about the "king of the concrete jungle" or whatever acting like he hunts a lot of "big game" as in not just alley-cats, but also greedy, corrupt upper-class bilge-rats, so then maybe the coat has a few "designer labels" in it. im not sure, but that could detract from the pretty brutal realism of the idea of him skinning feral cats, though.

oh well, i need to draw up some concepts, so i'll just keep at it!

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its about time i actually did some work on this thing.
i dont know if im still "in" the competition at this point, but there's no harm in trying.

ok, so here's where im at: 1) martial arts type of fighting gloves, modded for some serious street warfare 2) a bulletproof vest that has seen better days 3) im thinking of going with an uzi, original ideas were desert eagle or one of the short barreled revolvers 4) the hoodie has a crude image of a skull with a crown (possibly referring to "Rex" in the backstory?!) 5) awesome sneakers of awesome (red because red relates to "royalty"? ie "Rex") 6) 3D glasses over disfigured face

now to modelling! any opinions welcome