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was just lookin at the thq webpage now...

they have archives of news going back to to 2001...but they have no phone number or street address..... did you get any more information from them about thier brisane studio? and when and if its allready opened? a 1800 number to call and a support email addy is all they are giving away....

Post an email to for those details.. If you dont get a reply, let me know, and I might email someone from thq for you. Why do you want their number/address at the moment for anyway?

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They havent registered a number with telstra so I doubt they want people ringing them yet, they are most likely too busy setting up shop. I think it would hinder your chances of getting work if anyone rang them right now. Just email them, they reply.

Dean Ferguson - 3D/2D Artist

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Has anyone had a reply from THQ yet?



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had two replys from thq, a helper and the 'lead animator', both asking for my demo CD, last comunications on the 26th feb...

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I got one from the lead animator and one from the director. Fingers crossed.

Dean Ferguson - 3D/2D Artist

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few weeks have passed anyone have any feedback?

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last email was on the the 1st of march but nothing since then, theyre getting some huge amount of portfolios each day I've heard.

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I've emailed David from THQ for an update.. hopefully he can clue you in..

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Hi Souri,

Yes, the response has been overwhelming. We are still collecting responses and hope to shortlist people in the next 2 weeks and then respond to everybody then.

Thanks again for your help

David MacMinn

THQ Studio Australia

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That's pretty much the same reply I got, but for the coder jobs

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I've been told they have started rejections (at least for the coders). So I guess no news is good news :)

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haha yeh, i applied a week ago as part of my 10 jobs for centerlink
i have to say i didnt put to much effort into applying for a job there because i wasnt really interested. But I've received 4 rejection emails already, all from the same person on different dates...

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No news yet, man I hope thats a good sign.

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i was sent an email last wednesday inviting me to attend an interveiw this wednesday, which of course i am going to, and I cant wait :)if any1 feels like crossing their fingers for me at 3pm this arvo, that would be nice :)I missed this forum until now and i am just doing some final research on the company and in hindsite it would have been good to communicate will some peeps that had allready been to interviews.... altho i have not applied for anyone one position and they have not mentioned what position they may have for my skills...hmmmmmm

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Don't know of anyone else whos scored an interview Beasta. Good luck man, "Maya the force be with you." [;)].
Off topic, got a website, be interested in seeing what they look for.