"That Cloud Game"

[url="http://blogs.smh.com.au/entertainment/archives//002939.html"]The sydney morning herald covered it[/url], [url="http://del.icio.us/popular/games"]del.icio.us[/url] and [url="http://www.digg.com/"]digg[/url] have it, and it's bloody amazing.

It's [url="http://www.thatcloudgame.com/"]that cloud game[/url], a litle like katamari with clouds. beautiful and relaxing.

I'm amazed. has anyone else tried it? thoughts?

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Ok.... I am impressed, it was alot of fun.

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Tried it when the artist posted it over at conceptart.org, but had a teensy problem - I couldn't interact with the clouds at all. Thought I was just being a retard and misread the controls, but nup... some obscure hardware conflict on my work rig :)

Visually, the quality is nothing spectacularly amazing, but it certainly does have a very nice aesthetic feel to it... that light, high saturation feel that parts of ico has, combined with the floaty fly around is quite an interesting experiance.

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Ahh, I thought it was just me! I just kept flying through the clouds and wondered why nothing was happening. And then my computer shut down. (the fan on my gfx card has recently stopped working. I can't play games anymore because it overheats and shuts down [:(])

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nothing happens until you find the *bright* white cloud and hold the left button while you're in it.

the other clouds merge with the bright one, but do nothing otherwise.

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They "may" be onto something. Whilst I had no problems at home I brought it in to work to show the designer here, he played it fine for about 10 minutes and then all of a sudden could no longer drag any of his clouds anymore and had to restart the game.

Its possible a few bugs are left in it... It is after all a student project.

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Sorry, that came across badly - I don't doubt there are still issues, but I haven't seen any yet. They have a forum for bug reports...

Still, it's way more fun that I thought it would be based on the initial description.

It perhaps especially struck a chord with me due to [url="http://www.raphkoster.com/?p=156"]this post by Ralph Koster about women in games[/url] "Once upon a time there was a world where half of the population couldn?t see the color blue.... ...And that?s why in that world there tend to be very few seascapes or pictures of puffy clouds."