A Glimpse of Next-Gen

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There haven't been a lot of previews for next-gen game titles yet, but [url="http://www.digi-guys.com/"]Digi-Guys[/url] are showing off their product pretty early. It looks like a Halo inspired game and it's expected to be released on the Xbox 2 next year. It's a rather interesting look into where the bar for next-gen titles will be at...

[url="http://xbox.ign.com/articles/570/570554p1.html"]Xbox IGN article[/url]

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Here is the FarCry Tech Demo and Movie of the tech demo.

On my 9700pro it ran like crap at 1024 with 4xFSAA (defaulted). With no FSAA it ran a lot better, but was still slow in some areas. Looks pretty damn nice :)

Edit: The link would bloody help


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Elderscrolls IV: Oblivion.

Thats all I need to see. [:)]


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Malus: right on.....
and Stalker....Ahhh, im in love with stalker. :)

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Malus you big RPG nerd [:P]

Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion looks so cool - Without any non MMO RPG's due for realease in the near future ive had to stock up on console efforts... not all that many to choose from.

God where are all the RPG Dev houses!!

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damn i am hanging out for Oblivion! why must it be so far away????

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*waits in corner for Oblivion*

Ever since I made it to the top of the fighters guild and the top of the Temple, and then for some reson the orc mage woman in like the thrid quest for the Blades somehow dissapearded from the entire game which effectivly ened my gaming after 40 hours...

but ever since then I have waited not-so-patiently for Oblivion. [:D]

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the skull she wants yout o find dissappeared once for me (i knew it had cos i had done it before in a previous game and it wasnt there). so i just opened up the construction set and aded a new one in! anytime morrowind breaks like that and you would otherwise have to re-start that's the easiest way to fix it.

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hahah nah the actuall WOMAN dissapeard lol. I tried to reset actors and all that and was looking into the walls in wireframe to see if she had glitched into the wall. The same thing happened to the teleport woman in Ald'ruhn that was annoying. Cause I was doing Redorian as well most of those were like, go to Vivecc, go herez go there all from Ald'ruhn so I was like "sigh" Siltstrider to Balmora then mages guild to whereever.

Also, Why do they make the characters in Far Cry still have that plasticy look to them? eg. soldier guy :/
It looks really bad IMO. The rest of the visuals are pretty nice.

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i once had one of the stilt strider guys slowly fall through the platform. every time i came back he was a little further through, until one time i came back and he had fallen through completly and was stading on the ground below!
so many glitches in that game, and crashes more often than any other game i've ever played. still a great game though - i just bough the game of the year edition with all the expansions in it a couple of weeks ago. i plan on doing a massive upgrage at the end of the year in time for oblivion, i hanvt done one in a while and the newer games dont run too well, so i'm oging to be screwed for any games that come out next year - and some this year.

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Hey guy's check this out, an in-game shot from Project Gotham Racing 3 [url]http://www.bizarreonline.net/news/images/studioupdate/nyshot.jpg[/url]

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i find that hard to believe.

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yeah i would say that is a reference photo. if it were an ingame shot then there is a stupid amount of detail in it that is completely impractical for most games, essepcially a racing game where you will be flying past evey little unique stain and crack at 200kmph. as much as i would like to see that kind of detial in a game, no-one is going to spend the time or money on it.

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It is definitely an in-game shot, I've seen it first hand.

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Wow, those shots are amazing.

It?s funny how many people just don?t accept that they are legit in-game screen shots. [:)] When you think about it it?s not really that unbelievable, considering the hardware. It?s really just some high detailed textures, heaps of polys, and some fancy lighting?
It?s going to be sweet.

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Its easily an Ingame shot - Red5 would know [:P]

Why it is so hard to believe I'm not sure. The same goes for the ingame footage for some of the ps3 stuff. The tech is there, and theres definately people that can afford it - and contrary to beliefs it does actually add a new level of environmental awareness to any reality simulation.

Trees that have had bark pieces normal mapped on the trunks - Rubbish bins that have the pebbly surface normal mapped etc - the level of detail is great and I love it - more more more says the graphics whore [:)]

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That's pretty impressive. I must've spent a good few minutes trying to spot the obvious signs of it being modelled by hand (tiling textures / repeated patterns etc) but couldn't find any.

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yeah, what Souri said is why i find it hard to believe.

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right! that's enough for me. proof is always good.

freaking awsome then, and scary...

i'm surprised how low detail the geometry is. some good shadder effecs going on there.

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For sure that is cool here is an avi link for it.


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Those screens and video really do look amazing, all pre-rendered of course... I'd love to see some in-game shots of this game because it looks insane.

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yeah the amount of physics involved is amazing like the mud, so im a bit skeptical about it being 'in-game'

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i wont speculate on wether its pre rendered or not just yet (allthough... i mean its really hard to beleive) but none the less looks like a lot of fun. eat my dust!

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I can belive that the 3rd and *maybe* the last picture are in-game cause it has that wonderful jagged anti aliasing on some of the models edges. It probably can be faked, but if I see that I feel pretty safe that its in game.
All the other shots didn't really have it so im a bit suss on those ones :/

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I can pretty much state for fact that it isn't in-game, it's been made specifically as a trailer and it's fairly common knowledge now that all PS3 WIP shown at E3 this year was pre-rendered.

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the only ones that wern't were the ducks and the Unreal 3 ones. funny that they didnt look anywhere as good as the rendered ones...