Art Assets

I've started to model some of the art assets and will be rendering them out with a nice stylised style, maybe with a "Cooking Mama" type feel.

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Can't wait to see some of it.

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I have a female and male chef concept as well ill post em after a little cleanup

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Very much looking forward to seeing them! The cooking mama + My Sims style would be an awesome style to adhere to. Perhaps we should post some links and pictures as references for the art team?

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I've done some vector artwork for the team b casual game, decided in the end to not do the 3d route because i couldn't achieve the look i wanted.

Click Here!

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Very awesome work there. A clean presentation which is what's needed. :)

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That's some pretty clean vectors you've got yourself there.

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Very very nice.

Although, how would it look if there were some grill marks on the beef?