3d Bug Animation

I made this animation earlier this year, in my 3d design class...a six-legged bug. I had to design it, then model, texture, rig, skin and animate it using 3ds Max 8.

I have included a still frame of it, incase the video doesn't work yet...
also a link...


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fine work

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Nice work :)

With a bug, the legs move in a very interesting way, depending on the bug. It's probably best to just move the body forward first, and go back and have the legs 'skuttle' along in a less organised way. The weight probably doesn't need to go side to side so much (so many legs, he's not going to lose balance!)

This is a cartoon bug, but give it a try!

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thanks, I'll give that a try when I have time :)

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good working ^^

could you tell how to upload the animation in the site

I want to upload my working

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I had to upload it onto youtube and copy a link from there...

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Hey that's pretty damm cool! =D It looks like a enemy type that would fit into a Mario game.

If I can offer any advice on the animation. Is that the leg movement of insects generally is a pattern of chaos. Meaning that only one leg moves at a time, the leg in question can be random and it moves fast.

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Thanks :)
Yeah, I agree about the legs moving one at a time.
We were taught and incouraged to use dummies, for this particular assignment, more for saving time than anything.
I'm planning to make some time, most likely during the Easter holidays, to work on it a bit.
Once I improve the leg movement I'll upload the new version, or replace the current...either way...