"Max Payne" movie trailer released

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Looks ok, I'm hoping it doesn't have a supernatural angle to it though

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There's three bad things about this I can come up with off the top of my head.

I've never really been a big fan of Mark Wahlberg in action flicks. Secondly, it has some R'n'B dude in the cast, which is never a good sign. Thirdly the only writing credit Sam Lake got was for characters (the guy who write max payne the game).

I can only hope that by some miracle this movie can buck the trend of the often poor execution of a game-film medium crossover

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It looks ok. I thought the plot and premise of the Max Payne games were ok, but never thought it would make the translation to an exciting movie. Will have to see how the reviews pan out.

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Looks interesting. I hope they don't overuse bullet-time though.

The End.

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plot and premise were 'ok' ?

crikey that's a bit harsh! Admittedly, you could tell that they were really pushing the narrative and making it a focal point, and hence it's easy to be overly critical of it, ESPECIALLY given how hyped it was at the time...

but merely 'ok' ?

man Souri, you must've got more cynical since I last saw ya in 2003 (i think hehe)