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Greeting Sumeans~ I am fairly new to this forum and I do have a lot of questions to ask regarding the game industry heh.. Anyway, to start off with, I am wondering what to wear for the job interview; Does it have to be formal shirt with tie? or casual will do, thanks in advanced. Cheers.

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Smart or business casual are fine, although I suppose it depends on the position, the company, and what you feel most comfortable wearing. I wore a polo shirt and khaki pants to my interview. The interviewers will probably be wearing their day-to-day casual clothes.nexx2007-01-18 09:10:06

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I agree with Nexx that Smart or business casual is fine.

I was talking to an editor of Marvel comics once and he said that he will not give anyone a job dressed in casual clothes; he believes that your clothing reflects your attitude.
Wether you agree with him or not is irrelivant, he does the hiring.

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that sounds like a very American Attitiude - dress for success! Thankfully in Australia (Adelaide at least) we generally aren't so superficial and have the ability to judge people by other less obvious traits than their attire.

I swing between semismart-casual to neatish-business (never bothered with a tie) for interviews and have never felt it affected my chances. I make the call on how to dress depending on the position, and try to dress for that. ie if the position involves contact with corporate clients neat-business attire (suit pants, long sleave shirt, shiny shoes) and grooming is required. If the position if formatting photos in a sweatshop styled backroom jeans and 5 O'clock shadow is more appropriate.

err on the side of over dressing a little rather than under dress though.

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I want to see the personality in an interview and if the person across from me is wearing a monkey suit which they feel uncomfortable in thats not really going to help bring out who they are.

Saying that though shoes, deodorant and clothing without stains and holes are a good idea. :P

Also if someone is comfortable they tend to tell the truth easier as they don't feel that everything they say is being critiqued, even though it generally is. lol.

Smart casual should be fine for our industry if you are applying for grunt duty, step it up for Lead roles and above and don't read into what American's business says you need. :P

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Yeah I agree, business suits and ties are a no no in my opinion, and achieve the opposite effect. Yeah it depends on the position, but I couldn't imagine a suit ever being required even for a management role.

When people say casual I think of yobbo wear, shorts, tshirt and thongs, and no I wouldn't wear that, thats disrespectful. I even think that's what the marvel guy was talking about as well. However in Aus, that would be pretty much the extent of the limits I think. When I went for my last interview I wore more stuff set for a bar, my Lee jeans, tarocash black short sleeve shirt, and some white shoes I got from Basement. My piercing was left in, tatts were showing, but it was respectful, it showed that I had thought of taking the time for this interview, and seriously, who'd want to see a Designer in a suit? How creative could they be?

Whenever I've interviewed someone in full business get up, all it's ever made me think was "I wonder what he dresses like for real?" and it had no influence on my opinion at all. Admittedly the bogun thing didn't get to me either, though I'd never wear shorts to an interview myself.