Movin to Perth

Well, after starting my career in Brisbane for a few years then continuing about a year in Melbourne, I'm jumping again to begin the next chapter, and this time its taking me all the way over to Perth to work for the start up company Interzone.

I'll be heading over around mid February it seems, and I need to know the good places to be, to hang, to eat, to drink, and to shop, so if anyone has any suggestions it'd be great. Also if there is anyone else out there who may be heading over to Interzone (they seem to be grabbing a few) then drop me a line.

By the way, when I flew over for the interview I came to a disturbing realisation that they don't seem to sell Ice Breaks over there. If anyone in Perth knows of any place I can get them, let me know and you'll be a star.


DanJackydablunt2007-01-24 19:44:00

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you better still talk to me >_> or else green aliens will hunt you down and eat you !

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They faked the moonlanding apparently..... I heard that....

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So which position did u get at Interzone?

Hillarys marina, just north of Perth on Australia day

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I'm working game design again, but this time I'll be taking more of a creative role from the very beginning of a project so I wont be just working in response to the design of others, so I'm happy with that. A little pissed that I have to move again after being here only like 10 months, and Im starting to really appreciate Melbourne but watcanyado, sometimes you have to be willing to jump when needed. I might come back in a couple of years