Dating Sims: A new game genre in Australia

Hi Sumeans,

I have been developing game ideas for few years now, including presenting an unsigned game at AGDC a few years back. Recently I have been starting a new and not unrelated venture, the importation classification and retailing of anime dating sims.

You are I am sure familiar with the restrictions on games imported in Australia, so you can be sure these are not the hentai games of which you may be aware. Dating Sims are an enormously popular genre in Japan and Korea, and the sophistication of the games, their graphics, their plots, and their internal mechanisms continue to evolve. These games are fun, and challenging, and recent releases have garnered critical acclaim for their story-writing.

The idea of playing plot-driven romance/adventure games is a bit alien to Australia, nonetheless, I am finding an enthusiatic and growing audience. My hope would be to establish a useful market, and then look to develop a similar local product. To this end I would be interested to hear from any persons who might like to contribute to a dating sim style game. The emphasis in these games is on high quality evocative 2D graphics, however increasingly action is being depicted with 3D CGI sequences. Script-writing is an important skill, as well there would be requirements for programmers, voice actors, sound track engineers and composers.

Anyway, just in case you might be interested in having a look at these games, check out my website at:



Andrew Kelman
Transreality Simulations
Canberra, Australia

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ohhhhh .... my type of art <3<3<3

what can i do to help !

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Thanks for your interest.

Well, initially I hope the the market will expand to the point where it will support local development. Nonethelss I would be happy to hear from artists or teams that would like to work on such a project, or who have a similar product in development and require production assistance or even just a distribution outlet. Email me please...